Instalife - a beautiful spring week


action packed

We have been up to a lot this week, I think everyone has as the weather has been simply blissful. We have visited two different beaches and Cardiff Bay for some quality outdoor fun as well as beautiful morning walks and woodland adventures. I also finally nailed a poached egg (a dash of vinegar is the trick) and we also squeezed in some crafting time. What have you been up to?

From left to right

1. In my new Joules summer tunic
2. A beautiful day down Cardiff Bay
3. Enjoying collecting daisys
4. Nothing like having sand under your feet
5. The little mans first warm beach day of the year
6. Cheery blossoms on our morning walk
7. Hiding in the hedges
8. Some afternoon craft time
7. Poached eggs on green lentils and Kale hash


  1. The weather has been so amazing this week! It makes such a difference to be able to spend time outdoors xx

  2. busy week! we've been loving this weather too!

  3. Looks very similar to our week! We made our first trip to the beach too!


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