Bedroom Décor: the bed of your dreams


beautiful bedroom
Dreamy bedroom (image)

When it comes to giving your bedroom a makeover, the focal point should be the bed. Not only because your comfort for a good night’s sleep depends on it but also because it is a very versatile piece, open to a wide array of possibilities in terms of design.

You can choose the bed of your dreams based on your favourite colour scheme, the style of your overall bedroom, materials you prefer - hardwood or metal - and you can add so many details to it to make it even more stylish and customise it according to your own personality - an extra pillow, a colourful duvet, a patterned blanket, so on and so forth.

Choose your style: traditional vs. modern

chic bedroom
Simple and chic (image)

If you like traditional bedrooms, simplicity should be the keyword. Prefer a classic bed frame, with very essential lines and a solid hardwood headboard. The bed itself will be the statement piece of the room, so keep everything else basic, simple and elegant.

Add only a couple of sophisticated touches, a small table lamp, a simple round mirror to be hanged above the chest of drawers or the fireplace, maybe even an ottoman at the end of the bed or in a bay window. These statement pieces will add personality to your room without taking the attention away from the bed.

A four-poster bed is another elegant and traditional solution for a sophisticated bedroom. Maybe it is not for everyone and it certainly requires a decent sized room to be put in and still have space to walk, but it’s for sure an eye-catching bed.

For a more shabby chic feeling, choose a Victorian metal bed frame, very solid and beautiful, but lighter than the wood version.

Victorian bed
Victorian style metal frame

You could prefer a basic bed and customise it with a statement headboard. The headboard is very important as it frames the bed and contributes to create a specific style. It can be vintage, made of metal, or wooden, for a more natural feeling.

wooden headboard
Redwood headboard (image)

It doesn’t necessarily need to match with the rest of the room, in terms of materials or style, the important thing is to create a nice balance between all the elements in the room. If you choose a statement item, keep everything else a little bit toned down. Playing with textures, colours and materials is better than adding bulky furniture.

chic headboard
Beautiful headboard (image)

Fabrics and textures: mixing and matching

A simple, yet effective, way to revamp your bedroom and transform a plain bed into a more interesting piece of design is to add touches of colour and mixed patterns with bed linen. Use different fabrics and let them do the talking.

The ‘all white’ theme is very ‘stylish’ and it is also supposed to have a calming effect. Dress your bed in white to create a tranquil retreat and play with different textures to add interest. For example, use a velvet bedspread and place mohair throw on top of your bed linen to make a very luxurious, tactile combination. Final touch: two big, silky, earth-toned extra cushions.

stylish bedroom
I love this all white look (image)

If you prefer colours, you have plenty of possibilities to choose from. Why not getting inspired by nature and use floral prints, or mix stripes and monochrome, bold bed sheets?

colourful bedroom
Beautiful patterns and colours (image)

You have potentially endless possibilities and combinations, so try and favour durability and longevity. It is better to prefer quality over price, as you want your bed sheets and throws to be soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for high-quality bed linen to revamp your bed without spending too much, take a look at the latest offers around the web and get inspired by the wide range of different textures and patterns available. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, layer different fabrics - like silk and velvet, plain cotton and woven fabrics - creating a harmonious combination made up of lots of textures and colours that complement each other.

stylish interior
Texture and patterns (image)

A quick makeover can transform a plain room into a glamorous yet stress-free space. All you have to do is find the style you prefer, the colour and the materials you like the most and best represent yourself, and start your project.


  1. I love that folksy headboard in the last shot - gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of cushions and throws on the bed, such a quick way to add a splash of colour to a room without having to do any painting. Husband isn't as keen on the cushions as I am though - hates having to take them off the bed at the end of the day!

  2. love these! we made our headboard from the sides of our old cot :) MY bedroom is clash of lots of different prints - love it!

  3. I LOVE that bedspread in the first picture! x

  4. I've got a bad obsession with bed linen, and always dream of having a bedroom makeover. Ours is probably the worst room in the house at the moment and it drives me crazy!

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