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I was recently invited to come and try some dishes at Wagamama as part of the #WayofWagamama campaign and wow what an amazing (and very tasty) night it was. Now it can often be true to say when you like something you tend to stick with it but Wagamama is trying to get us to explore new tastes and things that you may never had thought to try. Before attending the event they asked me what my favourite dish was, which is the Saien Soba, a lovely dish of wholewheat noodles, tofu and an array of healthy veggies. Knowing this they put together two other dishes they thought I would love but have not yet tried and I was really interested to see what they were going to be.


Our meals were picked and created by Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot and we were also joined by Food Psychologist and Nutritional Therapist Dr Christy Fergusson who is working with Wagamama on the #WayofWagamama campaign. When my first dish arrived - The Mushroom Ramen I was very excited as for one I love mushrooms and secondly the dish just look so healthy, like happiness in a bowl. The dish had real depth from all the different types of mushrooms and paired up with noodles, tofu and chilli it had a little kick to it without being overpowering.

Mushroom Ramen

After thoroughly enjoying the first dish I didn't think it could be bettered by the second one but oh was I wrong. I was given a dish I probably would never had tried simply because some of the vegetables had been deep fried but for a special meal out the Yasai Katsu is amazing and was a combination of some of my favourite things - butternut squash, aubergine and sweet potato in Panko breadcrumbs with a lovely warming curry sauce and mixed leaves with red pickles - this may even be my new favourite dish.

way of wagamama
Yasai Katsu so good

At the end we were treated to a little creation I doubt you will see on the menu but I really enjoyed - Katsu Curry Ice-cream - the creamy coconut from the curry worked so well with the ice-cream and with the added spice with the sweetness really seemed to work, but than again I love sweet and savoury together so for me it really worked.

Way of wagamama

The evening was relaxed, fun and a wonderful experience and having Steve on hand to give us an insight into each dish was amazing and hearing about his travels to places like Indonesia, Thailand, India and other far flung parts of the world to find and develop Wagamamas dishes was really interesting. I literally can't wait to go back for more


  1. So obsessed with Wagamama! All those dishes look amazing.

    1. I know it's great right! So fresh and mainly healthy - love it :)

      Laura x


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