Miss Patisserie Launch


Handmade bath bombs

Cardiff never seizes to amaze me with it's talent and creativity. Perhaps not the bohemian hub like cities such as London or Bristol but slowly and surely we are getting there in our own way. So I am always pleasantly surprised and excited to attend events in and around the city, especially went its supporting local businesses such as launch of the new shop and premises of the beautifully handmade bath and beauty company Miss Patisserie.

Miss Patisserie

Now I had actually seen Miss Patisserie products before and never knew they were made right here in Wales! Such cute and creative products, most popular being their cupcake bath bombs made to a very high standard, so much so that they are stocked in high end retailers such as Harrods and Fenwicks, plus loads of independent stores. The evening was a chic affair with an array of tasty nibbles from sushi to real cupcakes (almost mistaken for bath bombs) and lots of champagne.



It was really great to have a walk around and see how the products are actually made and I am in love with the cute French Bulldog packaging, which reminds me so much of Paris, now all I need is a lovely bolt hole in the city of love, along with a cute little pooch and a free standing bath to relax in after a long day


  1. these look awesome, i thought its desert of some sort, looks amazing, i would love to receive something liek this as a pressie

    My Little L Blog http://my-little-l.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Looks delicious. I believe those are pugs on the package. So cute, the puppy below actually looks like my Frenchie :)

  3. Oh this looks like it was such a lovely event! I absolutely love the look of the bath bombs and the packaging is adorable! xo

  4. This all looks so pretty! I can imagine that the cupcakes and bath bombs were easily confused! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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