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Helen Keller
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Life is too short to not do what you love, what makes you happy and what makes your soul smile. I know life does not need to be humdrum and boring and with each day you can find some magic. Growing up in South Africa was like growing up in paradise with long summers spent on the beach, hiking up mountains or making dens in the garden for months on end, coupled with mild winters that meant I could surf all year round and that outdoor ethos that was engrained in me as a child is something I want to pass onto my son. Before having our son and when I moved to the UK a few years ago I spent more than 2 years travelling around Europe, making amazing friends and living very simply, spending a summer in Cornwall living in a very small camper van and John has also been to some far-flung places and now together we are making new adventures and just because we are now parents it does not mean the pursuit of happiness, wanderlust and sharing what we have learnt has to stop if anything its made us want to do it more, the world is our oyster for which to share with our son, as they say travel is the best Education.

Wychwood music festival
John and Mr A enjoying music at Wychwood last year

Since Mr A was born we have been embarking on various outdoor adventures, get aways, train trips, travels and lot's of camping. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning under canvas wether it be a tent, teepee or glamping pod and hearing nothing by birds in the trees, seeing the mist rise, going outside and starting up the camping stove and making coffee and choco-milk for the boys and seeing the little man in his element, helping out with the dishes, running around outside in his PJ's and wellies, looking for snails and dew in morning glades and smiles all round, nothing better, such simple pleasures. This year we really hope to do some glamping or camping fun further afield such as France or Italy and I love the look of the family friendly and inspiring Glisten Pods in the South of France which really seem to capture the ethos off free range childhood.

strolling on the beach

forest play

outdoor fun

We are looking forward to another summer filled with music, fresh air, walking barefoot and slowing ourselves down for some quality and wild family time.

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  1. I cannot wait for summer, and lots of camping, beaches and music!

  2. This post is amazing. I haven't been on this community for a long time now and I'm glad that I read your blog first. I did my exchange year in Germany last year and I come from Malaysia. It's definitely different though to spend a short period of Summer in a european country compared to a whole year of it in Malaysia. It was so much more thrilling and I miss it so much!

    p/s: I love your style of blogging. I am just starting out again on my personal blog and wasn't sure anymore what I wanted to do with it!
    Do check it out at :)

  3. I feel exactly the same, I want to show Theo so much of the world and to install that same feeling of wanderlust that I have! It's exciting!

  4. Your little boy is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful childhood he is getting to experience. I hope I can provide the same for my (very far in the distance) children someday. :) Lovely finding your blog through the Travel Tuesday linkup! xx

  5. "Free-range childhood" - something every child should have I believe. We don't travel as much as others because of ties to our smallholding and gite but the boys have so much freedom here in the French countryside. Also through volunteer helpers and visitors to the gite the world comes to their feet!


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