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Mens street style
John in casual attire 

Men's clothing can be a bit of a tricky business. It is an area of extremes. There are the smart tailored suits at one end of the scale, whilst on the other end you will find baggy t-shirts and hoodies paired with homogenous jeans.

Many men complain that the casual look can be hard to get right. Most guys do not want to spend hours co-ordinating accessories and scouring the latest style guides to find a fashionable outfit. We want to keep it simple with a thrown-together look that still looks smart enough to take us anywhere.

Mens style
Simple style - shirt and jeans is always good. Image Pinterest

Fortunately, it is possible to find men’s clothing that falls into the ‘casual’ bracket, yet will help you to look the part when the situation needs you to. So swap your blue jeans for earthy cotton slacks, your t-shirts for a polo shirt and your hoody for a cotton sweater and see how much better you look and feel.

There are a few wardrobe staples that the modern man should definitely have, but probably doesn't. However, if you are tired of the same old t-shirts and jeans you should consider these alternatives to update your look and style.

A range of jackets

There are so many great jackets and coats out there, from good old fashioned pea-coats to eternally stylish leather jackets. It's good to have several different coats as this is an item that you will wear every day and you don't want to always look the same. It's usually best if you dress for the weather too. In the depths of winter you might want to wear a long woollen overcoat, however in the summer a lightweight denim jacket is far more appropriate. A good coat should be more than just functional. It is just as important to your overall look as any other piece of clothing.

Post Overalls jacket
John in his new Autumn jacket by Post Overalls

Trousers in a variety of fabrics

Jeans are great but they can be a bit boring, especially if you wear them every day. Similarly, you don't want to go out on the weekend in the trousers you wear for the office. There are lots of fantastic casual styles of trouser out there, from colourful corduroys to stylish grey flannel trousers. Choose trousers that don't match the colour of your jacket to create a look that is casually appealing without looking too shabby.

Green chinos
Chinos are always a good option, paired with some casual but stylish shoes

Tops and shirts

Polo and rugby shirts are a great casual alternative to wearing a t-shirt. They are preppy and cool and give the impression that you are sporty and intelligent too. The Breton shirt is another stylish alternative. The blue and white vertical stripes are one of those classics that look great on younger men.

Casual shirts also look great, especially when they are slightly crumpled. You can wear them open over a t-shirt to maximise the dressed down look. Add a cotton jersey or a chunky knitted sweater and your casual wardrobe is complete

Mens fashion

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  1. I love chinos on my husband they always look smart but also carry the casual look well too. Your son looks adorable in his check shirt.

    1. Hi Melissa

      Yes chinos are great - they have the perfect balance of casual and smart :) Thanks for the lovely comment

      Laura x

  2. My husband loves combats and we have managed to get some that are casual trousers based on a combat style. Not sure i could get him in chinos though!

    1. Hi Erika

      I think it's also important to be comfortable in what your wearing, if your not it will show so if he looks good in combats why not :)

      Laura x

  3. Through a variety of simple means, nearly any design or decoration can be put on a shirt.


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