Cold won't keep us in


Raking leaves
Mr A hard at work raking the leaves

So since wednesday the little man has come down with a horrible head cold, which having recently started kindergarten and the change in weather is was almost to be expected, so we have all been eating lots of healthy vegetable soups of late. Even so, if we didn't spend a little bit of time outdoors, even just 10 min we would have some serious cabin fever going on. I devised a few short and simple things for us to still to enjoy the fresh air, one was sweeping up all the leaves outside our current house, something the little man loves to do and really lifted his spirits.

Wooden Castle
Mr A exploring our new garden

With the excitement of moving and getting the keys to our "new door" as my little man likes to call it we have had some fun exploring our small but perfectly formed garden, that to much delight of Mr A came with a wheelbarrow and wooden castle with swing. I have big plans for this little garden and we plan to grow lots of veg next year and planning for that starts now, well as soon as Mr A is over his cold and happy to don his gardening gloves.

Outdoor fun

We also manage to enjoy some homemade pizza alfesco in the park this week, nothing beats having a little snack outdoors, even if it is short lived. Hopefully we will be having a lot more outdoor fun next week.

eating alfresco

We have joined this post with Country Kids from Coombe Mill - its a great linky for families who love to spend time outdoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. The new garden is lovely - and how great is that hat?!

  2. I love Mr A's Christmas jumper! It's great to get outside when it's cold and dry makes it feel more festive lol #CountryKids

  3. Bless Mr A - I hope he's feeling much better now, I can see how much he loves being outdoors. The new garden looks perfect for fun and adventure and I'm sure Mr A will be a great help planting your new veg. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. What beautiful photos of Mr A in the new garden! How exciting :) I hope his cold goes very soon, those healthy soups of yours will do wonders xxx

  5. I like that rope swing! It's great finding them activities to do when they are out to keep them busy and a bit warmer. My wee man is starting to complain about the cold a wee bit but we still manage an hour or so when we can and then warm up with tea and cake!

  6. Is that a pirate ship climbing frame I spy? I've been looking for things like this for when we (eventually) do up our back garden.

    Still not quite there with the outdoorsy stuff. There's nothing physically stopping us - definitely a case of mind over matter.


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