Boys Club and Christmas Jumpers


harbour-side adventure

So two weeks ago, prior to the storm, we managed to borrow a car and fancied a change in scenery so we took a drive to out Wale's sister capital - Swansea. We didn't really have a plan of what to do when we arrived but simply enjoyed having a little walk around the harbours and a look around the Waterfront Museum. It was a great day for the John and Mr A who had a lot of fun watching the different boats come in and out the harbour, jumping up on pillars and benches and getting up to his general cheeky ways. It also gave John a chance to take his latest jacket purchase by Post Overalls out and about, as well as Mr A giving his Converse, which was a birthday present from his uncle, a run around, although being white and with winter coming I am sure they are not going to look new for long.

Father and son
John wears - Post Overalls Jacket, Universal works shirt, Edwin Jeans - Mr A - Mountain Warehouse hoodie, Mini Club Jeans, Converse shoes

It's always great exploring new places and for the boys to have quality time, something we do every weekend. The weekend is also the time John can wear the clothes he loves, he is a huge fan of fine and salvage denim, like his durable Edwin jeans he is wearing. When it comes to Mr A he needs to be comfortable and warm.

Father love

Johns Top Picks

So with Christmas fast approaching and John's penchant to dress up Mr A in matching jumpers (not kidding) on the big day and after hearing the Ralph Lauren were bring back the Polo Bear it has gone straight to the top of his list for festive jumpers and best of all is they also do kids and Ladies version as well, I think however with the house move finances are going to be squeezed this year, but one can still dream.

Polo Bear sweater
RL Polo Bear sweater £225

Boys Polo bear sweater
RL Boys Polo Bear sweater £110

Polo bear jumper
RL Blue Label Polo Bear Sweater Ladies £285

Here are two more of John's top picks from Ralph Lauren's festive style jumpers, I mean the festive season is a great excuse to indulge in that classic Scandinavia style and why not?

Ralph Lauren Knit sweater
Ralph Lauren  Zip Up Intarsia-Knit sweater £345

Mockneck cardigan
Ralph Lauren Intarsia Mockneck cardigan £285

This is NOT a sponsored post, just sharing our loves.


  1. I'm loving this classic, preppy look for boys! I missed the RL Teddy...

  2. I'm loving this classic, preppy style for boys (LOVE the Teddy...Takes me back!)

  3. Your photo's as always are lovely. I am desperately searching for my perfect Christmas jumper, think Ralph Lauren is out of my price range though ;)

  4. Loving that Teddy Jumper, so cute x

  5. Ah the Blue one is my favourite! I love Christmas and have never bought a Christmas jumper before, so I need to get one quickly. Either there any collection in reindeer instead of teddy bear.


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