A Castle and Lanterns


Castles and Lanterns

So it's been another crazy busy week with our schedules becoming increasingly packed with activities and it's been a huge step for Mr A as well who has started kindergarten 2 mornings a week. But as always we still fit in our daily adventures and our weekend jaunts and this week the highlight was visiting a castle not too far from us- Castle Coch.

The one great thing about Castle Coch is it's perfect inside/outside exploration, with the castle hidden in a forest area with lots of walks and wildlife to admire allowing as much time to be spent outside as info ors. The castle is also free of any gimmicks to distract from imaginative play even though it's not a ruin and the rooms are beautifully decorated it's perfect for Mr A who loves pretending he is a knight of the castle.

South Wales

Castle Coch is only about 15 mins from Cardiff but being located in a small hamlet called Tongwynlais, that has a rural feel and community we were not surprised to see a horse tide to a tree outside the castle while the owners had a look around the Castle before mounting it again and riding off.

This really added to the magical feel of the pretty little castle perched on the mountain and of course was of real interest to the little man. We spent time walking around the castle and enjoying the outdoors before the heavens opened up with a down pour, we used this time to explore the dungeon area and beautiful bedrooms.


As soon as the rain stopped we would be outside again or running around the open central courtyard of the Castle with Mr A and his little wooden sword in hand.

As I have said Mr A has started Kindergarten, which has been very exciting for us. The one thing we love about the one we picked to send him too is that it has a very natural approach and no matter what the weather (and I mean even a heavy downpour) they go outside everyday, so we recently bought a very cool 100% wind and waterproof suit from Sweden - which you will see on the blog very soon no doubt. Also Mr A attended his first kindergarten event which was an evening lantern walk which was amazing, unfortunately my camera accidentally switched on in my bag draining all the battery so I didn't get any photos of this magical evening of singing, lanterns and laughter but here is one little mobile pic anyway.

Outdoor toddler
Mr A and his Lantern

I have joined up with the lovely country kids linky this week

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. castles do fascinate young and old. I always feel its amazing that back when half the world could not read and write they had the skills to make such buildings that are still standing hundreds of years later. Thats a shame about your camera. found you through country kids, I like to read some even though I not joined in for a few weeks.

  2. Oh my..He just stole my heart with his yellow raincoat and his big eyes..

  3. I'm so with the last comment, your son in that yellow coat looks like an angel! Sounds like a wonderful day, castles are always a winner and I bet the evening with the lanterns was magical.

  4. Fun times! I live not far up the road from Castell Coch now, love seeing it up on the hill :) Mr A is such a cutie. Hx

  5. Beautiful photos of your lil dude. His lil lantern is so cute what a nice idea. We love our local castle here to its a fantastic day out & our bubbas love all the winding steep staircases. We recently visited the stately house featured in Downtown abbey & my lil boy adored all the huge windows, the tall ceilings, the tall trees. Everything was so huge to him. So magical. Their was dragons featured around the home that he spotted even when they were out of sight to our adult eyes!!! Lovely post!!!


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