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Organic clothing

Casual but stylish, warm, practical but also on trend - a pretty hard to find and on top of that is it possible to throw ethics into the mix, well yes you can with Seasalt, one of my favourite everyday brands from Cornwall. This is NOT a sponsored blog and I have not been asked by Seasalt to mention them on the blog, I simply want to share my loves with you, as after having spent some time in Falmouth, Cornwall while at University, the laid back cornish style is something I have a real soft spot for.

Seasalt cornwall

Autumn style

Organic cotton

They are also one of the few brands that make really great waterproof jackets that don't look like they belong to a over sixties hiking club. They have some cute printed jackets and knitted accessories that are perfect for Christmas presents, hint hint nudge nudge, such as the duffle bag for him and the sailor sock pack for her.

Kit bag locally made £40

seasalt organic
Sailor Socks £35


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dora

      I know they are super cute, perfect for an xmas present :)

      Laura x

  2. Love these looks! I need those sailor socks--the packaging is so cute and looks so cozy:)

    1. Hi Kari

      Thanks for stopping by, I have my fingers crossed the other half will get me those socks, too cute :)

      Laura x


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