Calming Autumn Adventure


Reindeer hat

So it's official, we have a new house, but we are taking our time to move in as we have another 2 weeks we can stay at our present home. To say it has been stressful is an understatement, especially with so much else going on in our lives with our car seemingly to take forever to be fixed, Mr A settling into kindergarten as well as work commitments has meant that our outdoor adventures feel like our little moments of sanity during the day.

Freerange toddler

I don't know about you but being outside and connecting with natural and simple pleasures is such a great way to calm the mind, I wish everything was as simple and efficient as that in nature. I love the saying from wind in the willows - "The river is always changing yet always staying the same" - seasons come and go with so many changes yet everything does it's part at time it's meant too, wish life went to plan like that.

Old tree
We came across all these little snails huddling together on our adventure this week

Whenever we go out, especially to a park, we love to explore every inch of it. Both Mr A and I are not overly concerned with the actually "play park" area but more about the little beastie we can find on the way, to us a perfect park would have space to fun, a forest area or wild meadow, perhaps a river so we can feed the ducks and a small simple play park - a place we explore for more than 5 minutes. This week we had fun in a lovely greenbelt area only a 10 min train ride from the Centre of Cardiff, it has some lovely bike trails, large oak trees and quite a few squirrels like the one we spotted below.


We did spent some time in there toddler park - which is perfect for Mr A's size and nothing was too big he couldn't tackle himself, but we were there for literally a few minutes when the sound of excavators could be heard and we had to rush off straight away to go and investigate.

We must have stood and watched the workmen and excavator for around half an hour. I love how fascinating building sites and big machines are for children and one builder, who was driving a mini roller came over and said hi, which really made Mr A's day.

We have joined up with Country Kids - a really great little linky if you love to spend time outdoors with our kids.

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Love the hat and Mr A certainly looks snuggly and warm. The snails are great, how cute they are huddled together like that.The gorgeous leaves around at the moment certainly do make for wonderful pictures don't they. Really beautiful pics :)

  2. Looks like your little boy and mine have the same idea about a trip to the park - we love hunting mini beasts and construction vehicles too #CountryKids

  3. Love this post. A part of the reason I take my wee man outdoors as much as possible is because I love it & need it too! It's great to hear you exploring every bit as well. My wee man is getting to that stage where exploration is half the fun. You can't beat spotting a good digger!

  4. I love Mr A's hat he looks so cute wearing it. What a great adventure, exploring the woods and nature as well as play in the park with the added bonus of watching the workmen. Good luck in moving into the new home, just in time for Christmas. Thanks for linking up and sharing your adventure with Country Kids.

  5. Fab photo of the snail! Although am not a massive snail fan myself! Enjoy your new home when you move move #countrykids


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