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Mini club shirt

It's been a while since we did a "What Mr A wore" post and since Mr A loves to dress up it seems only right to do one, especially since the lovely people over at Mini Club sent him so lovely clothes to review. We have bought many things in the past from Mini Club at Boots and have always been impressed with not only the quality but also adding a little bit of a stylish twist to children's clothing.

In this post we are showcasing the shirt and tops we were sent and I have to say Mr A loves them, the tee's are soft with fun prints and the shirt is perfect for a special occasion.

Mini club

The long sleeve tops are great for days out and fun activities, Mr A is also sporting his Mini Club jeans, it's actually the third pair of Mini Club jeans we have bought as they always fit him really well and are strong, durable and practical for outdoor adventures.

Mini Club boots

The one thing I love about the Mini Club range is not only do they have wonderful girls clothing but they also have a large selection of boys clothing, as I don't know about you but you can go into a retailer and the girls clothing department is two or three times the size of the boys, so it's great to see equally creative and unique clothes for boys.

stylish toddler

A little bottle of bubbles came with the shirt and is perfect for little fingers and has kept Mr A entertained for most of the week as we love blowing bubbles indoors and outdoors.

stylish kids

Mr A was sent clothes from Mini Club to provide an honest review, we have not been paid and our words, opinions and thoughts are 100% our own


  1. Mr A looks most dapper in his get up!

  2. His shoes are adorable and I love the checked shirt! So cute :)

    1. Hey Hayley

      Thanks for stopping by, yes his shoes are little mid-tops from clarks, very cute :)

  3. aw he's such a cutie! he looks great


    1. Hi Nicole

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment :) He is a sweetie pie

      Laura x

  4. We really like Mini Club stuff too. Some of our favourite things our 2yo has ever worn have come from there. Who knew? Already have my eye on boy stuff for the impending arrival. xo


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