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Babar the Elephant

We love reading, Fact! Bedtime is one of our favourite parts of the day as it gives Mr A a moment of quite, a time to listen and believe in magical lands, faraway stories, talking woodland animals and everything in-between. We usually go through about 2-3 short stories a night although he is getting a little bit older and is now reading for slightly longer stories so when we had the chance to review The Babar Collection we literally couldn't wait for it to arrive. Babar is one of very few cartoons we actually let Mr A watch from time to time, as it's such a lovely classic and can you believe it's 80 years since the stories of Babar the Elephant were first published in the UK


I love the unique, detailed and charming watercolours that the talented french writer and artist Jean de Brunhoff creates and every time we go back and re-read one of the wonderful stories in this collection we notice something new. This lovely little gift set comprises of 5 classic stories and one per night has been a hit with the little man.

Classic children's book

For those who don't know much about Babar, the first tale "The Story of Babar" is the place to start, as it follows the adventures of an orphaned elephant that escaped the jungle for the city, where he learns many worldly things and on his return to the wild he is crowned King of the Elephants. It's really enjoyable and perfect for toddlers and young children and this beautifully bound book would make a great present.


We were given The Babar Collection to provide and honest review, we have not been paid and our views, words and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Lovely books I used to watch this when I was younger.


  2. I remember reading Babar as a child and loved it, I also read it to my little brother. Brilliant!

  3. Aw, I remember Babar. And the TV show. Such a good one!

  4. Aww Babar takes me right back to when I was little :D

    I may have to get this collection for Oscar when he's older.

    Louise x

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