So it's been a pretty busy past few weeks, with the date for the new arrival fast approaching it's also been a pretty exciting time for all of us, plus trying to get organised and on top of things before our life changes forever (again). I thought I would put together a few instagram pics of things that have been making us happy over the past two weeks

1. Kale, beans and egg salad - so simple and so good
2. Looking back at some of the amazing travels we had in 2014 - the two boys on the Left bank Paris
3. A beautiful morning spent in Tenby, West Wales
4. Falling in love with Almond butter
5. Exploring the Welsh coastline
6. Enjoying some yummy breakfast at Premier in on our recent mini break to Tenby
7. A beautiful sunset on a chilly winter evening
8. Me at 38 weeks pregnant
9. Comforting porridge with seeds and cranberries - great way to start the day

What have you been getting up to this week?


  1. Lovely pictures. Looks like a good week.

  2. mmmm that salad looks amazing, wish I had one for my lunch. I can't wait to head to West Wales next week, hope it's bright and sunny.

  3. The food all looks amazing- I love almond butter and the salad looks delicious and healthy too. It looks like you've had a busy and exciting fortnight! xx


Lovely comments

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