What homely items would you save in a fire?


Apple Macbook

It's one of those questions that you really hope you will never need the answer too but hypothetically what would you grab if you had only a few minutes spare before losing it all? Of course my first priority would be the safety of my son, nothing would come before that but in terms of material things I know a few years back my first thought would be the photo albums but now that everyone stores there images online I would grab my laptop first as I know i would be devastated if I lost all of our memories, I mean I do backup (not as often as I should) but what if I didn't have time to grab my external storage? It's pretty clear from a recent survey that MemoryHuddle conducted that family snaps are the most important possession that we own and most would leave expensive gifts, jewellery and gadgets in exchange for memories, wedding and baby photos.  it just shows what a sentimental lot we all are.

Photo album

Time permitting other things I would grab would be the last Christmas Card my father gave me before he passed away, it's the last thing that had his hand writing on. I also have a necklace my mother gave to me years ago, it has no actual worth but it' travelled with me through many countries and it a bit like my good luck charm and would probably grab my camera as well. Although to be honest I could live without these things, especially the camera which would be covered by insurance and having an extra piece of mind about storing photos online in a safe and secure place such as MemoryHuddle would also mean that I would probably abandon the laptop as well, at the end of the day your health and personal safety is the most important and hopefully it's something you never have to face but it's worth thinking about how you would keep your most important possessions safe.

kids learning photography
Even Mr A loves making memories with his camera

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  1. Honestly, laptop, box of old photos, camera and maybe a pair of shoes!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Passports, a couple of baby photos I don't have back ups for and probably some shoes if I have time after grabbing my daughter and running like mad!

  3. Great question! For me it would be my dog and cat once the kids are out. Nothing else matters.x

  4. Great question. I'd probably grab my passport, my kindle, camera, and phone. Oh and chargers lol. And yes, let's hope this will never be more than a hypothetical question.

    Lumes | life&lumes


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