Thinking about getting a Conservatory? Top things to consider


Would love a space like this (image)

We live in a world were making the most of what you have is key and with most properties there is always space for improvement and what a better way to add value than bringing more light and space into your home than with a conservatory.

I have to admit, growing up in sunny South Africa it's something I never really would of considered before but then again the weather was far warmer there so there was less need for this kind of indoor/outdoor space. Although saying that after moving to the UK there is something really lovely about sitting in a glass conservatory, looking out across a wintery garden while keeping warm and toasty, reading a book and enjoying some peace and quite. Or if you have kids, spending some time playing a board game or enjoying a spot of tea and cake.

With modern advancements most conservatories are very well insulated, allowing you use it all year round and becoming an extension to your garden allowing you to feel closer to nature without the need layer up with scarfs and gloves and sit on the patio.

There are however things to consider when deciding on getting a conservatory and I thought I would share my top tips with you

Size – they really don't need to be very big but it should be fit for purpose, so have a clear idea of what and where you want the conservatory and for what reason, once you have a good idea mark out the size and shape on the ground, this will allow you to visualise what it's going to look like before signing on the dotted line.

Making a conservatory work in a big or small space (image)

Account for flooring costs – most conservatories are built on concrete with a tiled flooring, although adding a large rug or runner will add some cushioning under your feet it will still be very cold so take into account that having under floor heating may be needed and budget for that.

Planning Permission – good news is that most conservatories do not require planning permission meaning that you can add value to your home in a pretty straight forward and stress free way although do double check as from time to time councils can change their requirements.

You need to consider flooring options (image)

Insurance – as conservatories generally add value to your home you do need make your insurance provider aware of your new addition as any increase in your annual policy fee would be minimal but failure to inform them could make any future claims invalid.

Garden – it's been said that most people tend to spend more time in their garden after adding on a conservatory, maybe this is perhaps you spend more time looking at it than you did before, so considering a little garden makeover or improvement may not be a bad thing either.

Mr A enjoying some time in the garden 

Of course one of the most important factors when considering getting a conservatory is cost and with a lot of companies out there claiming to be the best value for money you do need to do a little bit of research. By going with a well established and accredited company such as Falcon Installations you are more protected should things go wrong, also they offer a something for everyone's budget and custom fittings, having that sort of flexibility is key with this kind of thing as every home and home owner is individual.

So if your looking at a fairly easy way to add value and create more light and space to your home than considering a conservatory may be the perfect option for you.

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  1. I would love to add a conservatory on to our home but it would take up too much of our beloved garden.

    1. Hi Jenny - I know we would do the same, but we are moving soon and will see how big our next garden is :)

      Laura x

  2. I would love a conservatory but sadly my garden is a bit small. They are very versatile if you can fit one in!


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