Reasons to holiday in the UK


Castle Ruins Wales
Mr A exploring Carreg Cennen in Wales

As you know we love to travel and as much as we enjoy going to new and exotic places or exploring Europe by rail we are also huge fans of discovering what is right on your doorstep and feel the UK has a lot to offer travellers, from cities to quaint villages to rugged coastlines and blue-flag beaches there is something for everyone.

British coastline
Enjoying some time by the seaside

Great Britain has always managed to lure travellers from around the world for a very long time. Its diversity, expansion and an unusual social collage have created a unique atmosphere here. This country has become a real mix of classical culture paired up with the ultra modern and forward thinking of the youth today and places like London are a perfect example of where this works in complete harmony together. Beautiful cities such as Edinburgh are an exciting place to be, with so much history and elegant architecture next to hip pop-up shops, vintage markets and trendy bars, you really feel alive.

London street style
I love spending time in London

Visiting and exploring Britain can really be an unforgettable experience. There are so many different  towns, sights and cities to be explored in every corner of the islands you are spoilt for choice, from urban living to the rural outer regions of the Scottish Hebrides where life could not be more different than that of South making this place is great for road trips. 

Road trip
The UK is great for road trips 

Even though I was not born in the UK, having a Welsh mother we always had British traditions in our household and visited the United Kingdom regularly which made me an avid reader of English literature and with John being a fan of homegrown British films and music we have always wanted to cover all the famous cities as well as the lesser known locations we have read, or watched and heard about and even though we have managed to do quite a bit we still have a fairly long list. Each year we try to tick of a few places wether it be camping somewhere new or going on a mini city break, we think it's also good to instil that staycations can but just as fun as overseas ones.

river wadding
John and Mr A enjoying some river wadding in the Brecon Beacons 

Of course like with anything you need to budget and with a family in tow we have become pretty savvy at making our money go as far as possible. I have touched on before that if we are not driving we use either megabus or book in advance with the trains with our "two together" travel card which gives us 35% off when John and I travel at the same time. We also use cutback sites when it comes to booking hotels or taking advantage of last minute sales and of course before any purchase we also check if there are any online discount codes, I mean why not, we have found tons of vouchers for on and whatever savings you makes means that little bit more spending money for when you are there.

Wye Valley
We enjoyed this lovely converted chapel in Wye Valley for a bargain off peak

Even though the new arrival is due literally any day now we are already thinking about how exciting it will be take him on his first mini-trip which we have set our eyes on either Brighton, Oxford or Cornwall, but who knows were will take our fancy as we are always changing our mind and going with the flow on these things.

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  1. I agree that travelling in the UK has lots to offer. Last summer we stayed in Dorset, It was fab!

  2. We've mainly holidayed in the UK since having kids, it's so much easier! x

  3. i love holidaying in the UK too! Much less stressful to just take off in the car x

  4. I agree, the Uk has so much to offer and it's cheaper than taking 3 kids on a flight! X

  5. I'm from the US,but now I really want to take a trip to the UK! It looks lovely.


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