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dog house
I love this custom dog seat in the home of the owners of Bone & Rag

More and more dogs are being put into rescue shelters due to their owners deciding they no longer want them. As a result, dog lovers are being urged to adopt a rescue dog – rescue dogs are the perfect addition to any family. In fact this is a view shared by the infamous ‘most unwanted dog’ owners of Jed who has finally been adopted by a loving family and is thriving. Jed who has appeared on our TV screens over the past few months pleading for a new owner after 17,000 rejections has finally been taken in by a loving couple; but there are still more dogs out there.

Choosing to adopt a rescue dog is the perfect solution for five main reasons:

Give them a chance of happiness

By adopting a rescue dog from shelters such as the RSPCA will give you the opportunity to allow that dog a chance at happiness in a loving family. All dogs want to be loved and cared for – and rescue dogs are no different. Animal shelters will also help you to pick the right dog out to fit in with you and your family.

a boy and his dog
You can make a dog happy but they can also bring so much to our world

A healthy dog

Animal shelters are brimming with happy, healthy dogs that are regularly given health checks and vaccinations so that you can be assured of the health of your chosen dog. In addition to this, a number of shelters also screen the dogs for specific temperaments or habits which you can be informed of before taking them home.

Save yourself money

Adopting a dog will often save you a lot of money in comparison to buying one in a shop or from a breeder. Additionally, dogs from shelters are often spayed and vaccinated – saving money on vet bills.

Welsh sheepdog
We love Sam our family do with all our heart

Make yourself happy

Dogs have a way of putting a smile on our face; their unconditional love and affection is impossible to go unnoticed. Furthermore, caring for your dog can provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

beautiful french bulldog
You couldn't say no to this face (image)

Best friend for life

Adopting a rescue dog will guarantee you have a best friend for life – your dog will be grateful and have the chance to explore and see new things. It is a common misconception that dogs are placed into shelters because of their own doing – this just isn’t the case. Dogs are more often than not placed into animal shelters or in some cases abandoned because their owners simply couldn’t look after them anymore, due to: divorce, separation or financial reasons.

Choosing to adopt a rescue dog can really save a life.

In association with the RSPCA


  1. What a fab idea. It's really nice to have a furry friend around the house x


  2. We would love a dog, but unfortunately we don't have enough space at the moment. It would be lovely to adopt a rescue dog x

  3. Stop with the cute dog photos - we all really want to get one! x

  4. I've always been a cat over dog person but I do love taking dogs on walks! x

  5. A truly lovely post, I love it when I come across fellow animal lovers and people who care :) thank you for sharing!


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