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Wild Fig
Cardiff Millennium Centre  

Something very exciting is afoot an if you are anything like me and love board games then hearing about the new Global Here and Now Monopoly board being developed is great news. What is even better is you can vote for various cities to have a chance at being including on the board and I am over the moon to have been asked to represent Cardiff on the blogger front of things and with so many reasons to see this small but perfectly formed Welsh city on the global map this is a real honour.

Beautiful Cardiff Bay

So why should you vote for Cardiff? Well many many reasons

1. Well it may not be the biggest city but the people are very welcoming, love to have a laugh and are a very generous folk.

2. There is a great combination of urban lifestyle with all the Cafes and boutiques paired with the green outdoor spaces such as Bute park right in the heart of the city.

3. We have Castles! Cardiff Castle is right in the centre of town as well as one of our favourites 15 minutes out - Castel Coch, plus a few more dotted around here and there. This adds to culture and history of the city and is another reason why it's such a special place.

Castle Wales
Enjoying Castle Coch

4. If your into food your in for a treat as over the past few years there has been a real food revolution in Cardiff and visitors are really spoilt for choice. From drinking elderflower cocktails in Milgi Bar yurt to afternoon teas in Pettigrew and locally sourced slow cook delights in the potted pig there is something for everyone. Cardiff of course also has some top notch Coffee joints serving up Artisan brews as well as micro breweries making sure we stay ahead of the craft beer game. There is also numerous farmers markets, street fairs and food festivals happening throughout the year.

Pettigrew Tea Rooms
Cream Tea at Pettigrew Tea Rooms

5. Art and Culture - there are so many talented home-grown artists and creatives in Cardiff and with hubs such as The Cardiff Fashion Quarter where you can find unique handmade gifts alongside vintage clothing as well as the beautiful Arcades housing independent stores we take supporting local pretty seriously.

Cardiff fashion
Cardiff Fashion Quarter 

On top of all of that Cardiff is also a very family friendly city with tons to do from exploring Cardiff Bay, The Doctor Who exhibition, Techniquest to the Natural Museum and Art Galleries. There are so many positive things going for it, it would be amazing to get onto the Global Monopoly Here and Now boardgame and I really encourage you to take a minute to vote for the small but wonderful Welsh Capital, Cardiff at voting closes on the 4th March

Cardiff City


  1. I just arrived in Cardiff for a 5 months Erasmus and already fell in love with the city. I just discovered your blog, I am so happy right now, I have so much to see here ! (PS: your kid is so so so cute !)

  2. This is such a good idea - I'd love to get Bristol on there! Cardiff is a great city too. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I had no idea you could vote to get places included on the monopoly map. I've never been to Cardiff, but it looks lovely! x

  4. Milton Keynes (where I live) got a monopoly game and it was commercial rubbish, the "voted for" places were clearly all corporate sponsors (some even outside of the town), I hope Cardiff gets one but also hope it doesn't go the same way.

  5. that's a cool idea. i'm pretty sure we have a copy of our area, it's ringing a bell. i should dig it out.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. I do think Cardiff looks pretty cool, I must try to get to Wales more often with the kiddos!

  7. Def need Cardiff on there! Haven't been since Lola was a baby, we really should visit again soon though!

  8. I have never been to Cardiff, in fact we have a trip there in May as we are going to see Disney on Ice so we are planning to do a bit of exploring afterwards! x

  9. good luck Cardiff! It's a lovely city x


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