The bath is back


So for the past two weeks the bathroom has been a bit of a war zone. Our bath had sprung a rather bad leak which meant water was running into our living room - not a good look. As we are planning to sell the house this year we were hoping not to replace the bath as it was very solid and when buying the property didn't appear to be an issue but things don't always turn out how you think they will. If we were going to be living here for a longtime we would of gone for a roll top bath and different tiles but when renovating a property you need to detach yourself a little an we opted for something plain and neutral. All I can say is I am very happy to have a bath and new shower back in before the baby arrives.

Like I said if we were staying in this house longterm we would of gone with something a little bit different, not that we don't like ours now, it's a cute little room in the eaves which we have made a fair amount of changes too with new floor and wall tiles, bath, wall radiator, taps, paint etc but I am loving these two inspirational bathrooms below

Love the wooden flooring with the roll top bath (image)

My mother recently renovated her bathroom with a reclaimed roll top bath with beautiful silver feet and I don't think I will ever get bored of this more traditional style which can also be dressed up in a modern way.


  1. We have a roll top bath and they are fabulous - so roomy for a start. Perfect for a real soak!


    1. I totally agree - we have had one in the past and will be putting one in our new house that is for sure

      Laura x

  2. I would love to have bigger bathroom. We have a bath in a family bathroom but it is not much of a family bathroom at all... two people in it make already a crowd...

  3. I really like relaxing in the bath, but don't seem to find much time for a soak. Little man loves playing in the bath, just like your little one! x

  4. I would definitely love to do a bathroom makeover just like the last two photos. It looks so cozy and relaxing. I probably wouldn't want to come out of there haha.

    xx Donah


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