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bear rug

So as you know we have recently been working on getting the nursery ready for the new arrival. We wanted to make the room feel relaxing and cosy so when Just a Rug invited me to pick a rug from their children's range I thought this cute little shaggy soft bear rug would make a lovely addition to the room. It's so soft I can foresee some fun "tummy time" on this rug and the great thing about rugs is they work on both wooden floorboards and carpet and are a nice accessory to any room.

I'm hoping to change the carpet at some point and I had thought of using bright-coloured carpet tiles from to make up a fun design and a space that is child-friendly and welcoming. 


I always remember my parents had a large Persian carpet in our hallway and I use to spend hours as a child looking at how it was hand-weaved and the intricate patterns, around the border was various images that told a very subtle story, I was totally fascinated by this. I loved the deep reds and traditional shades of the rug next to the natural wooden floorboards.

kids room

Now that we have the baby's room sorted I am trying to think of ways of bringing more colour and fun into Mr A's room as now he has truly transitions from toddler to young boy and it's time for a mini makeover of his room as well. Just a rug have some fun kids rugs such as this Rocket rug.

I was gifted the bear rug in exchange for an honest review


  1. How much do they sell for and would you say it's worth it? X

    1. Hi Jo - the are £30 and I would honestly say it is worth it (can't speak personally for the other rugs) as it's so soft and lovely under foot

      Laura x

  2. I love rugs! I'm after a nice new rug for the living room, and then one that would suit both a boy and a girl in a shared nursery in a little way down the line once the new baby is sharing with his sister! Off for a browse now...
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx

  3. Wow what and amazing room. The rug looks amazing too :)

  4. That is so cute :)
    I need a new rug for the living room and for the nursery so am off to have a nose. With the nursery I think that I am going to wait until we know the sex of baby to buy a rug as I am itching to inject some blue or pink into the Nursery!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  5. Dear Laura, that is such a cute rug, you really did a great choice. :)
    We have also plenty of warm rugs hand-made from natural wool in 69 color options, so we invite you to explore even our rug world:


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