Keeping the family home on trend


Keeping the family home and happy and creative place

It can keep be hard enough keeping the home ship-shape without worrying about whether it's fashionable enough. However, there are a few things that you can do to avoid looking like you live in a relic from a bygone era.

Minimalist chic

In other words, chuck out the chintz. Many people are going for the classy Scandinavian look as featured by the wonderfully chic Nordic Design blog where minimalism is the order of the day.

Scandinavian interior
Simple Scandi design (image)

With clean white walls, a predominance of warming wood tones, and a sense of sleek functionality, it's a great and cost-effective way to give your family home a makeover. Storage spaces can be easily created and modified through some cheap and adaptable storage blocks. And if you're feeling it's a touch sterile, add a bit of natural flora to bring a bit of life into your interior.

Bedrooms can also be one of the areas that can suffer in family spaces as they tend to become cramped with leftover artefacts and possessions. So why not indulge in a bunkbed with extra cupboard spaces for the kids, or maybe splash out on a divan base bed with a lovely custom made mattress for yourself to open up further storage areas.

A touch of colour

earthy colours
We are going to be seeing more earthy colours in the future (image)

If you're going for the minimalist ethos, don't be afraid of sudden bursts of colour to brighten things up. Whereas past years have seen acid brights and pastel colours in our interiors, 2015 looks to be big on bold and rich hues. The style gurus at Pantone have declared that this year's big colour will be the deep, earthy reds of marsala which will go well with trends of a Moroccan or Indian feel that look to make an impression in 2015. And many have also made the case for rich greens like teal or even cobalt blue walls to make a break from the beige, and add a luxurious and vibrant feel to your home.


chic kitchen
Bringing pattern and textiles into the home (image)

And finally, the use of patterns in our interiors are another great way to give your home a fun and stylish feel. Tiling is going to be big in 2015 as we replace laminated flooring in favour of folk art designs that offer a cosy intimacy and chic style. And wallpapers featuring rich, embossed patterns are also looking to make an impression. Well-placed rugs featuring tribal motifs or even cowhide patterns are also set to make style headlines in 2015. So whatever you're thinking of doing, be bold and do it with a bit of flair!


  1. We have recently had a big tidy out of our bedrooms as they were just filling up with junk. It feels a lot better now.

  2. Lovely ideas, I think a bit of pattern just brightens your home up and makes it seem warmer.



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