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Bixby bike
The women's Bixby bike which I am in love with 

First of all how beautiful is this bike above...oh how I would love to have this standing in our hallway waiting to be taken out each day on adventures along the riverside. Is there really anything better than when aesthetics, design and practicality come together in seamless harmony - I think not! This is the running theme of the small but perfectly formed collection of products from the high end Detroit based retailer Shinola who opened up a London store in 2013. Instead of out-sourcing their goods to be made in cheaper countries nearly everything is handcrafted in America which to be honest is a bit of a rarity so it's pretty exciting to see it pop up in the UK, including being able to buy all their products online.

Linen Journal
Large hard linen journal £17.50

Shinola started life out as a shoe polish company which saw some investment a few years ago and with an initial focus on handcrafted watches made in Detroit, it then it branched out to bicycles, leather goods, journals and other beautifully designed pieces for both men and women as well as the home. Sometimes I feel like a broken record by repeating our motto in life "less is more" but it's certainly applies here as some of their products are pricey but you are playing for some serious quality craftsmanship, although saying that their small journals start at £10.50 which would make a great Valentines gift.

Ipad envelope
Mini ipad envelope holder

beautiful blanket
Woolen throw by Shinola & Faribault Woolen Mill

What we both personally love is the simplicity of everything, it's all pretty understated but at the same time not because of the attention to detail. We have put it on our list of stores to visit next time we are in London and if you are looking for any unique and chic gifts for Valentines (or any reason actually) then you can't go wrong with these stunning products.

Shinola polish
Shoe shine gift package

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  1. Love all these - this blanket is gorgeous and so is the journal. I want all these for myself!

  2. Oh, I would love the bike! :-) x

  3. Shinola is just such a great word...and I love that shoe kit - beats our scruffy bag under the kitchen sink by miles!

  4. everything looks so lovely! i especially like (love) that bike and the throw.

  5. Love that bike, I really need to get a bike! x

  6. That is a beautiful, beautiful bike. I love the colour :) x

  7. Oh man I love that bike. I kind of want it in pink, a lot more girlie than my usual taste but it is just too cute!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  8. I'm not sure I could ride that bike if I had it; too pretty! I'd be worried about getting mud on it. Or not looking impossibly glam enough when I was on it x

  9. These are fantastic! Particularly love that rolled up blanket. Nice picks x

  10. Gorgeous products...the notebook and the iPad envelope case are definitely items I'd treat myself to! ;) x

  11. What beautiful looking products! Thanks for sharing this it's a new one on me x

  12. That shoe kit would be a perfect present for Laurence! So simple, so cool.


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