Mothers Day Love


toddler style

Suspension bridge

Cellulite oil

Just thought I would put a mini post together about our lovely day. Mothers day is one of my favourite of all the "special" days on the calendar as I think it's something we can all celebrate as with anything in life sometimes we forget to tell the people we love how special they are to us. I know I couldn't do a lot of the things I do without the support of my mother, something which is even stronger since my father passes away. Unfortunatly my mother has come down with a horrible cold so it was a very brief stop in to give her some flowers before we set off on our adventure across the boarder to England and one of my favourite cities - Bristol, for some fun in the sun (yes it was both sunny and warm!) at Bristol Zoo.

1. Couldn't resist wearing the same shoes as Mr A - Converse all the way
2. A quick little selfie with the little man before bedtime
3. Driving across the Severn Bridge into England
4. The two men mad me breakfast in bed and I got some lovely Weleda oil
5. Mr A enjoying the stream at Bristol Zoo on what has been the warmest day of the year


  1. sounds like a lovely day! You'll have to visit sometime and A and W can have a playdate at the zoo! x

  2. A day that includes the Severn Bridge and Bristol Zoo can't really be beat.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day and those matching shoes are too cool!!

  4. lovely photos! we want to visit Bristol Zoo next time we go :)

  5. so glad you had a lovely time! i really want to go to bristol again soon.

  6. Gorgeous photos Laura, and a lovely day by the sound of it. Loving the converse too!

  7. It was such a gorgeous day wasn't it? We went to visit my mum in Bridgwater and went for a walk on the Quantocks and it almost made me nostalgic for living there - it MUST have been a lovely day to show Bridgwater in a good light!!

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