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Hello Spring

natural childhood

So it's been a pretty busy past two weeks with two trips to London with the little man, lots of adventures outside including a jaunt to Castle Coch, flying paper planes outside and playing ball games but unfortunately nearly all of these adventures have been lost due to my phone being stolen and a fault memory stick - a big boohoo but no worries we still have the memories in our mind to keep and with the sun finally showing it's face on friday we headed down to what I would term our "comfort" place and somewhere we have mentioned in Country Kids a few times  - St Fagans. I think everyone has a place that is simple, comfortable and stress free and to us it's this, I think it's a combination of farm animals, beautiful ponds, vegetable gardens, forest areas, hidden paths and birdsong that make it such a hit.


Natural childhood

It felt like this weekend was finally the start of spring and with it being the wettest winter on record it's so refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun on the wind and too see new lambs play in the fields. It's such an exciting time of the year, so much change, so many new and beautiful things coming into the world, with buds starting to show and flowers soon to bloom it's like those who have been hibernating are finally starting to wake up, long live warm days I say, we all need it.

Lambs in the field - spring is here

guinea foul

Even though we visit this place regularly we are always discovering something new, especially since they are changing a few things around, with new sections being created. This week we discovered a new bird hide down a little hidden path. We could hear so many different birds in the trees and spotted some Blue Tits and Blackbirds, such a simple pleasure and so relaxing.

natural childhood
Mr A in the bird hide 

Even if summer turns out to be as wet as winter, the one thing I am looking forward to is it being a somewhat warmer experience, so we can jump in puddles without freezing. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



  1. Yay - sunshine, lambs and a ladybird. Bonjour Spring!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear about your phone and stick. Very annoying! Hoping over from #countrykids

  3. oh spring is just lovely!

  4. so glad for sunshine!! been out in the garden all day here!

  5. Oh yes lovely seeing signs of Spring. He looks so curious about his environment it's great. I love that ladybird photo. #countrykids

  6. It so lovely to have a bit of sunshine at last! The beauty of Spring is upon us and hopefully that means many more fun trips outdoors in the sun. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.

  7. look at him! he looks like he had so much, fun. Wilf found a ladybird today too :) x

  8. Love the bird hide pic, beautiful light! Sorry to hear about your phone :( x

  9. Sorry to hear about all that bad luck. Sounds like a lovely day you've had though x

  10. Your pictures are so beautiful! The ladybird one is amazing x

  11. i LOVE Mr A's outfit! Thank you so much for linking up with Let's have an adventure xxx


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