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What does paradise smell like? Or to be precise what would be the signature scent of the Maldives? Well Kuoni has put this question to bloggers, to find out what nose tingling smell would encapsulate the beautiful islands of the Maldives, a truly inspirational place that would equally need an inspiring scent.


To me it was be a combination of things - that wonderful lung filling smell of the fresh ocean air and sea salt in your hair, the sand beneath your feet and the warm sun on your skin, the taste of fresh coconut for breakfast, straight out of the coconut, the warming taste of freshly cooked curry in the evening and the sweet delicate notes of the frangipani flower that your child bends over to take a closer look. It's the scent of blissful happiness, of family time, of adventure, of time together.

fresh mango

The scent would be soft but full of depth, fresh and floral and full of fun, which is what I think a holiday would be like in the Maldives, a place that seems magical and faraway but always in the back of our minds.


Of course this is just my opinion and I had to consult the one in the know - little Steve the Pirate (not his real name) - he had a more straight approach when I described the Maldives and what he thought it would smell like - his answer - Whales and Coconuts (possibly because he is very taken with the idea of big Whales and loves to drink Coconut milk out of fresh coconuts). He was so confident in his approach that he even put together a little song about the scent of the Maldives - so in the end our chosen scent is "sea salted sweet Coconut" (and Whales, don't forget the Whales)

This post is part of our entry into the Scents of Adventure Maldives Blog competition


  1. Don't you like the smell of sea air? I love it, so fresh and invigorating!

    1. Yes I do love it - it was a typo error (now corrected) thanks so much for stopping by

      Laura x

  2. Such a cute video!I love the smell of cocoanut it always reminds me of holidays and sunny islands. x

  3. I would say it smells like a morning breeze

  4. Yep coconut and sun cream! Such a cute vid x

  5. cute video :) I love the smell of coconut and sea air x

  6. paradise to me would smell of sea, cocktails and coconuts!


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