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My handbag and I, on the streets in London

There are a number of items every woman should have in her handbag - items that will help you out of sticky situations, keep you looking fantastic, come to the rescue of any mishaps where children are concerned, and entertain when you're bored too. While this is a guide mostly aimed at women, there's no reason men couldn't have some of these items in their bags.

Blusher, lipgloss, nail polish
Basic make up will get you through all sorts of situations. It might be to freshen up after the gym, or if you see the person you like across the street and quickly want to pop a bit of lippy on. A little bit of blusher can instantly make you look perky and awake. Perfect if you're a little hungover and need to hide that fact from your boss, too. Take a look at this article on the different types of blusher and their benefits. Also a quick drying nail polish can add a bit if colour to your hands.

silver nail polish

A bottle of water
Dehydration can have all sorts of effects on your body. Having a bottle of water can help keep headaches at bay. Not only that, dehydration also affects your concentration and can make you feel tired.

Notebook and pen
Perhaps you're a budding novelist; maybe you just want to doodle as you sip on a cup of coffee in your local cafĂ©, take down a number or jot down whatever’s on your mind. You never know when you might need a notebook and pen, and they hardly take up any space.

Disposable gloves
You never know when you might have to deal with something, well let's put it lightly, not nice to touch, especially if you have a young child. It might be dog mess on your shoe, a sudden sickness incident with one of the kids, or something else that you really, really, don’t want to bring into contact with your skin. Regardless of what you might face, it's better to be safe than sorry. Take a look at these gloves from Brosch Direct.

Plasters and Hand Sanitizer
These could be to deal with minor cuts and scrapes but also for when your shoes are rubbing on your heels. Plasters are great in a daytime handbag – scuffed knees for kids, requiring instant Mum attention, spring to mind - also having hand sanitizer keeps everything clean and hygienic especially when you don't have access to sink to wash your hands properly

Painkillers are great to have on you. You never know when aches, pains and little annoying niggles might take hold. Getting rid of the pain as soon as possible can help you get on with your day.

Sunglasses are essential, especially in summer

The weather is unpredictable, and sunglasses are an essential part of any handbag. There are obvious benefits, such as protecting your eyes from the sun, but decent shades can also mask a multitude of sins.

Sunglasses can hide tiredness, a lack of make up and can make dealing with a hangover much easier. Also, sunglasses add an extra element of cool to any outfit, adding that classy finishing touch.

Hair accessories
Sometimes, it can be useful to be able to put your hair up no matter where you are - perhaps the wind's picked up or you need to keep your hair out of your face. Keep a selection of grips and bands in your bag so you’re good to go.

If you have some headphones with you, then you can plug into your phone and listen to music wherever you are. This is great if you're waiting for a friend who is running late or are walking somewhere and need a bit of motivation to do so.

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  1. I did one of these once - a vlog into my handbag essentials - I think I have everything you have. Awesome!!!

    1. Trininista - that's great! I need to vlog more :)
      Thanks for stopping by
      Laura x

  2. Love the nail varnish colour :)


    1. Hi Sophie

      Thanks so much, it's silver so a little bit different to the normal shades
      Laura x

  3. I love that notebook, there's nothing like the excitement of buying and then opening a new notebook ready for your scribings! It's just not the same writing notes on your ipod or phone!

    Love the shades too. I always carry painkillers and makeup in mine, but I'm not as organised as you :)

  4. What a fun post! I remember reading a magazine as a teen that did photos of what was in people's handbags, used to love having a nose at that!

    I always have eye-liner, lip gloss and a mirror in mine, tissues and anti-bac gel. Deffo a pen and something to scribble on. My phone charger, because I don't want to be caught short with a low battery and my purse. Often a hairclip, some gum or mints and strong painkillers!


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