Old-fashioned hobbies making a comeback


Me rocking my knitted snood a few years back

If you love nothing more than getting down to some serious crafting and whipping up something artistic, you're not alone! Craft is back, and with websites such as Craft Superstore providing materials and inspiration, the passion for creating something unique and personal is growing. Old-fashioned hobbies are making a massive comeback, so what have the practical and creative among you been up to of late and what can we learn from timeless pastimes? Let's find out!

Knitting is a great way to be creative (Image via literallyinspired )


Once upon a time throwing clothes away was unimaginable. Shocking in fact. People simply didn't have the means to replace garments on a regular basis, so they'd learn to knit in a bid to mend and repair. These days, throwaway fashion is much more on trend, but the younger generation are picking up their knitting needles for fun and creating a wealth of quirky and unique goods.

knitted gloves
I love wearing knitted items such as these gloves

A whole range of funky knits are emerging, including chunky scarves, stylish hats and even knitted purses that are designed for the younger generations. So why not wave goodbye to the stereotype that only grannies knit and try your hand at something new?

Sewing and embroidery

Not so long ago sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch and a range of other useful skills were taught in schools, particularly to young girls who were expected to have such talents. Needlework was of key importance and every female would leave their adolescence with a host of timeless skills. 

peace bunting
Our home-sewn bunting

Things have changed dramatically over the years, with traditional textiles being overshadowed by food technology, woodwork and other changes to the national curriculum. The benefits of old-fashioned crafts have not gone unnoticed by some schools who are teaching them once again – and most importantly, to both sexes. A real sign of modern times.


Quilling is an ancient art that requires skill and patience. It has been around for centuries and, during the Renaissance, was practised by nuns and monks who used quilling to decorate book covers and other religious items. During the 18th century it was also practiced by ‘ladies of quality’ (or the upper class) and has been used to spruce up purses, picture frames, tea caddies, wine coasters, jewellery boxes and much more.

creative paper
An amazing paper creation by papergraphic

These days, quilling is growing in popularity as people of all ages and classes enjoy experimenting with rolled up pieces of paper. Special quilling tools can be bought from art shops and you can even buy ready-cut quilling paper to save time. 3D items can be created from dimensional quilling and thanks to the internet, tips, styles and designs can be shared online making the process a whole lot more fun!

Old-fashioned hobbies are not only exciting, they can also come in useful if you've got a hole in your sock or a loose thread in your jumper. Sure, cheap high-street fashion makes it easy to replace tired-looking items in an instant, but it's well worth repairing them yourself as you'll feel a sense of pride.

Moreover, crafts of this kind are a great way to pass the time and can result in unique, top-quality products that can take pride of place in your home or given as gifts.

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  1. One of my friends is a whizz at quilling, it makes me so jealous! I'm a cross stitch girl myself x

  2. I love how these "old fashioned" hobbies are coming back into fashion. I so wish I could knit - I know the basic knit and purl stitches, but for the life of me, just can't follow a pattern!

    I recently posted: Picnic Food Hamper for Two [Review + Giveaway]

  3. I'm always jealous of people with crafty creative hobbies - not a single one appeals to me - I'm far too impatient - the paper craft / quilling looks amazing. I'd love to think I'd be any good but it so wouldn't happen!

  4. i have to be honest, to me these things aren't old fashioned at all, but that's because i've always been surrounded by this type of thing so it's just part of my life. however, whatever way there is to get people to be crafty/creative i am all for it!

  5. I would love to do all of these things, I need more time! x

  6. I've knitted for years, ever since my Grandma taught me, I love it - it's my relaxation in an evening

  7. I have never heard of quilling, but that umbrella piece is gorgeous! I am a terrible, TERRIBLE knitter - if you want something random and holey I am your woman!

  8. Knitting isn't my thing, though I love sewing and embroidery, and I've even tried quilling a few times!

  9. Ooh I do love a good bit of crafting and feel like it's fallen to the wayside recently. Sometimes life just gets on the way. I always loved to make things. I might try and carve some time out for myself. x

  10. I would love to be more creative and would really love to know how to knit. My Mum knits some great things for my daughter! I never thought it would be 'cool' in my lifetime!

  11. I learnt to knit, but still haven't managed to finish the blanket for when the baby is born (said baby is now two years old...). I think it's safe to say I'm a slow knitter. x

  12. Lovely post. I think I've always been an old fashioned girl and from a young age have sewed, knitted and using old children's books made lots of paper crafts. I took a break for a few years but found having kids unleashed my creative side again...sewing to pass the feeding hours away! I hate practical sewing though (mending and putting on badges!) x

  13. I love knitted items especially for babies. There is nothing more special than a hand knitted baby blanket or hat www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  14. I'm a terrible knitter, I wish I was better at it. I'd love to learn to crochet as that seems to grow much more quickly and I like fast results. I do have a sewing machine and am playing around with that more and more though.

  15. My last piece of work in Uni was my project on 'forgotten crafts' and I loved travelling round meeting people and discovering that all these traditional crafts and skills were still being practiced, from spinning, pottery to coracle making! I love this sort of thing!

  16. I love to crochet but I cannot knit to save my life! That piece of quilling looks very inspiring.

  17. I love all crafts, but there's something amazing about the old ones; tatting, weaving, spinning - they require real, old fashioned skill. Holly Berry is amazing weaver, you should check her out - I think you'd love her scarves!

  18. I keep saying I should learn to knit but I honestly don't think I'll ever find the time! LOVE knitted clothes and accessories though so happy to buy them off people who've made them! x

  19. Quilling! I used to love quilling as a child, it was so much fun! I think i'll see if my oldest girlie would like to give it a go!

  20. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well.


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