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A casual look for a trip back to the big smoke

So literally a few days after we came back from our short family break in London the little man and I were off again, on the fast train back to the big smoke. This time however we had company in the form of the lovely and creative blogger Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn and her son Wilf who we met at Bristol Templed Meads. It was really nice for the little man to have some company and it took the stress off us having to keep them entertained as they played and laughed together most of the way there.

Hide and seek
The two boys playing hide and seek

The reason for our trip was to find out more about the intriguing new fragrances from Airwick whose range is inspired from our much loved National Parks including one dear to our heart the Brecon Beacons - a place we visit regularly during spring and summer so it was delight to be invited to join the Airwick team for lunch at Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden.

living tree
A living tree - part of the Airwick show, London

Once we arrived into Paddington station we made a mad dash to the underground which was a bit of a challenge with two toddlers and two small pushchairs, luckily for us most of the time people were more than happy to help us up and down the stairs. Once we arrived in the Square at Covent Garden we were immediately met by some of the Airwick team who had set up a countryside in a box, inviting adults and children in to experience a sense of the countryside right in the heart of the city, with real bunny rabbits and all.

French Food
Our divine food at Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden 

After we had a few moments to look around we joined everyone upstairs at Brasserie Blanc which I highly recommend if your looking for some delicious french food in London and want to experience something a bit special. Both Fritha and I went for the veggie option which was a lovely mixed bean salad followed by a French Onion tart and side salad, the boys had some delicious Pasta and ice-cream which went down well with both of them, unfortunately after two courses of sitting in their seats they were ready to run, so we decided to head back downstairs to enjoy the countryside box.

Mr A and Wilf looking out across Covent Garden market

So what are the new fragrances like? After talking to the Airwick team they made a really good point that most people don't actually want their home to smell too artificial all the time and actually emotionally connect more to natural fragrances in Britians "breathing spaces" and wanted to work on bringing the freshness of Britians countryside inside.

Mr A and I with Fritha and Wilf enjoying the countryside box in London 

Their new line consists of four nature inspired scents - Yorkshire Dales, Peak Distrcit, Exmoor and Brecon Beacons and with every purchase a donation will be made to support the National Parks. Personally I find these fragrances refreshing and not over-powering and a delight to have in the home, especially when your out number by boys like I am and want to keep the home smelling great.

national parks

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  1. I have never been one for air fresheners mainly because they always smell so over powering and artificial, but these do sound like a better idea! Looks like you had a lovely day, and real bunnys?! I would have definitely tried to slip on in my bag for the train journey home (to keep, not to eat or anything!)

    1. I know right - I really want a house bunny and this just re-confirmed that :)

      LAURA X

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day and that lunch looks yummy. Will definitely keep an eye out for these new Air Wick fragrances, they sound fab!

    1. I have to be honest they are lovely - I was pleasantly surprised with the scents

      laura x

  3. was so nice to spend this day with you! Thanks so much for travelling up with us too, A was so lovely to Wilf x

  4. looks like a fun day! Wish we could have come!

    1. I know Polly wish you had been there too!!! Would love to meet you properly

      Laura x

  5. Love the photo of you guys in the countryside "box" very clever! Also I have been to Brasserie Blanc a couple of times now and I agree it's great.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely day! I'll have to keep an eye out for the new Airwick fragrances (:

    L x

  7. Looks like lovely day. I've smelt a few of them but they can't of do my head in as they've brought out so many in so many different sizes and as a stock control manager, it really frustrates me when companies feel the need to bring out a single refill, a double refill and a triple refill. Airwick are terrible for it! /rant over ;)

    Corinne x

  8. Looks like a fabulous event! I agree, I prefer natural smells over synthetic every time.

  9. Wow looks like a lovely day out. I really like air wick I always think their ranges smell fresh and not too over powering

  10. Oooh Brasserie Blanc is fab, lovely food. I'm not a fan of air fresheners at all but I actually really like the sound of this range. It seems like they might be a more natural fragrance.


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