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Dulux Bedroom in a Box


As most of you know we have recently moved and are slowly but surely turning our house into a home. The one thing that is important to us is that the little man felt settled and comfortable in his room so we were really excited to try out the new Dulux Bedroom in a box, which is basically what it says on the tin - everything you need to create a themed bedroom and the set includes the Jungle Adventure mural wallpaper, Polycell wallpaper adhesive, Dulux Matt Willow Tree paint and Dulux quick dry Satinwood paint.  We opted for the Jungle Adventure theme as the little man often talks about wanting to go to Africa (thats where I am from) and he loves Lions and Elephants so this seemed like the perfect choice.

Jungle bedroom mural

In our old house I painted a small mural consisting of a tree with a little monkey swinging from the branches and a snake curling around the tree - the little man loved it although it was very mellow and blended in more with the background rather than standing out too much so at first we were nervous that the mural included in the box was going to be too over powering but in fact it has created a real world for Mr A to get lost in with imagination and colour.

decorating a childs room

As Mr A's room is fairly small so we thought the mural may not fit but as it comes in 12 panels so you can cut it down to size as you feel fit and in actual fact we used all 12 panels so in the end it all worked out well. It was a fun experience to say the least - John and I have done a lot of painting in the past but never really any wallpapering but even for us it was straight forward and simple to apply, except for one or two air bubbles but all in all it was a clean finish.

My mother giving me a hand with the painting 

The Willow Tree paint that comes in the box is a lovely shade and is very complementary with the mural and the satin wood is perfect for the skirting boards and door, which really needed a spruce up. Before this project we personally have used Dulux paints in other parts of the house and it never fails on quality and although we opt for Farrow and Ball for extra special touches, Dulux is our go to paint and I think it's always important to choose paint with a good reputation as you will only fall short if you opt for cheaper versions.

Dulux bedroom in a box

We managed to paint and wallpaper all in one day and basically transform the little mans room and his reaction really was priceless. he loves that his bed is now next to the baby elephant and since the mural has gone up he has been sleeping better at night. His reaction to the mural was priceless and it took him a while to get his head around the fact it was not "painted" on but wallpaper (watch below)

So how did we find the experience - it was fairly easy, fuss free and straight-forward and you don't need any kind of special skills to bring your child's bedroom alive with a professional finish. The boxes are priced at £70 and besides the paint brushes we didn't need to purchase anything else. There are themes for both boys and girls with one of the most popular being the Fairy Princess Bedroom in a Box as well as Sea Adventure, Peppa Pig, Avengers and Wall Art. All the boxes are available online.

This post is in association with Dulux but is 100% my own opinion and words


  1. I love seeing pics of your home! The little man's room looks great. So handy having that all in a box! Great idea! x

  2. I think this is such a fab idea! Takes all the guess work out of things - I love the jungle mural, so bright and colourful The video is just precious of his reaction! I smiled as he pointed and said "this isn't paint" x

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  3. Love the video! His reaction is great!

  4. nice to actually see it in real life! i totally would have loved a jungle bedroom as a child - i was (am) obsessed with animals!

  5. Ah bless him, his reaction was brilliant! It does actually look really good in real life! x

  6. Ah so cute, his reaction! :) x

  7. Wow that looks brilliant! The mural is just gorgeous.

  8. awww the video is so cute. I should have filmed my kids reaction to it too, they were amazed!! It was so lovely to see - oh well, at least I will have the memories if not a video. These kits are great! :)

  9. I've been wondering what it actually looks like in real life! so glad he liked it :) x

  10. Oh my that is amazing! Will definitely be looking at that when we next do little man's room

  11. Wow, this is awesome!! I've never heard of this before!

  12. Wow how cool is the jungle in a box! Wish they had this when my son was little. Do they make many more designs?

  13. Ah, what a fab reaction, I love the double take as he spots it. These are such a great idea. We're half way through a jungle themed room for my son, I wish I'd found the kits before I started!

  14. Love that!! We are moving soon, and my priority is always making sure the kids love their new rooms- so will be investigating these!

  15. Wow that looks great. I really like the jungle theme - my 3 love animals so this would be perfect...and I really like the idea of everything coming in a box, great for us!

  16. This looks incredible and his reaction is adorable! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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