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Bringing nature in

Beautiful fresh flowers in our kitchen
I don't know about you but I love to have freshly cut flowers in the house - there is something lovely about bring nature inside - with all it's beautiful colours and smells to lift the soul. Especailly with this time of the year when the little daffodil buds have raised their heads to bloom and explode into beautiful  colour wheel of yellows and oranges. Throughout the year we collect items for our nature table and I am also growing more and more found of floral prints and inspiration and thought I would share what it inspiring me at the moment

simple interior
Fresh and simple (image via stylebymileyhenderson)
beautiful space

hanging herbs
What a creative way to have a herb garden in your kitchen
Mothers day posy
A beautiful Wiggles Posy

I am in love with flowers so much that I have taken it upon myself to order a beautiful Posy from Wiggly Wigglers from mothers day as a treat to myself - not because John won't make sure I have a wonderful day but because they make me happy and there is nothing wrong with gifting yourself and giving yourself a pat on your back for another year of parenting (especially through the toddler years)

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home


  1. I love having flowers in the house - makes me happy :)

  2. What fab ideas! I also love love love those herb planters, they would look really cool in my kitchen too wouldn't they? Hmm... off to research! Loving your blog, will subscribe #loveyourhome

  3. I was actually looking at those upside-down plant pots for a kitchen herb garden just today! They look so interesting. Have you got anywhere special to put the flowers?

  4. love flowers so much! i can unfortunately rarely afford them though, but they do make me so happy.

  5. I love having flowers in the house. I had a bouquet last week with hyacinths in and the smell filled the whole house.

  6. I love freshly cut flowers in the house it's a treat and makes me feel happy. i love getting flowers but don't get them that often so totally get you ordering them for yourself. x

  7. Those upside down herbs are very interesting! I love flowers too, although I rarely have them in the house as they drop pollen and go rotten then I can never be bothered to clear them away (I'm lazy!!) x

  8. I love having flowers but don't get them very often! I love that idea of the herbs in the kitchen.

  9. I absolutely love flowers but always seem to forget to buy them from shops and have yet to manage to sort my garden out to bring them in from there. I'll just have to admire all the pics here instead :)

  10. love those flowers in your kitchen!

  11. I love the green of herbs against white pots. It appeals to the minimalist in me as well as being so practical. We're tackling the garden this year so hopefully I'll have some blooms of my own to bring indoors.

  12. Bringing in the light and nature is always a first priority when I design!

  13. Love those hanging herb pots Laura, what a great idea! Thanks for joining in #LoveYourHome


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