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Every man has their thing and for John it's salvaged denim jeans and shoes, in fact he spends more on shoes than I do. We already do a Boys Club post - showcasing what the two men have been up to but we thought it would be great if John put together some of his mens wear trends inspirations and this week he has gone with shoes from the long established American luxury brand Andrew Marc, which create mens shoes with a real sartorialist style in mind, using the best quality materials. The Dorchester sums this up with a combination of preppy and casual style with a rugged look, perfect for the East London bearded chap.

Johns top picks are - The Woodside, The Dorchester, The Parkchester, The Rockwood

The Woodside

The Rockwood

The Dorchester

The Parkchester 

This seasons shoes see a more simple and refined look using traditional leathers, suede creating a vintage inspired look such as the Woodside above, perfect for when your wanting to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The shoes come in at around £120 - £140 which makes them a bit of an investment but if your anything like John, who looks after his shoes, they should see you through many seasons (John has a pair of Redwings that are 10 years plus and look no more than a few months old). Andrew Marc clothing and footwear are available worldwide and they also produce some great denim, so do check that out.

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  1. I really love shoes like this one men, they are timeless and I love how they look with jeans or even shorts. My boyfriend would never wear shoes like this but I wish he would :( The rockwood are amazing!

    Your man has great style!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

    1. Hi Georgie
      Yes I love the rock wood as well :)
      Thanks for stopping by

      Laura x

  2. All those shoes are so nice! great to wear casually or smarten up an outfit! More men should wear shoes like this.

    meimei xx

    1. Hi Meimei

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment :)

      Laura x

  3. I love all of these shoes - perfect picks, now just need to get my man to buy them as he could do with a pair of stylish shoes

    Rachel x


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