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The wedding ceremony is the event when, “every step you take, every move you make—they’ll be watching you.” It sounds like a corny rendition of a classic, but it’s true. The moment you set foot on the aisle, all eyes will be upon you. Many brides feel self-conscious because of this, but keep in mind that in truth, the only gaze that really matters is of The One who’s waiting for you at the other end of the aisle.

This is why it helps to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and to feel beautiful, you have to have the right dress. You may have seen intricate ball gowns in magazines, embroidered Lazaro wedding dresses in websites, and sleek A-lines on television, but which one of them is for you? How will you go about finding the right dress? Newly-engaged brides have a lot of questions, from picking out the style to trying one on. The best tip for the baffled bride? Ask!

What should I wear?

There are many wedding dress styles to choose from, each of which can be modified to accommodate your own personal preferences. You’ve got the sheath, ball gown, mermaid, trumpet, and A-line, but what you should consider first is your body shape. If you’re having a hard time determining your shape, don’t be shy to ask the sales staff in the bridal shop. Their expert eyes have helped many a bride-to-be find her dream dress!

I’m getting married in the summer. Won’t it be too hot for a full-length dress?

It probably will be, but if you favour having a dress with a full length, there are many kinds of fabrics that are light and won’t be stifling. Your other option is to choose a short dress that still looks elegant and fabulous. There are above-the-knee and vintage-style tea length dresses that are light and airy and allow you to move around without having to fan yourself at the same time.

beautiful feet

Should I call the bridal shop for an appointment?

Some shops can accommodate walk-in customers, while others run by appointment only. The best thing to do is to look at your list of shops to visit (no more than three shops a day so as not to overwhelm yourself), call them all up, and set an appointment so they know when to expect you. While you’re at it, ask the shops about the sizes they carry, so you can work out which shops you can visit. An appointment usually lasts an hour or two.

What should I bring when I go to the shop?

Bring along body-shaping underwear, a good fitting strapless bra, and shoes with your preferred heel height for the wedding. Keep in mind that you’re looking for The Dress and not sweats! Also, it would be good to bring along someone who will be honest with you and whose opinion you value—one who knows you well, so it can be your mom or your best friend. Having two companions at most is recommended; the more people you have with you, the more opinions you’ll have to deal with.

                           beautiful interior

How do I know if I’ve found the right dress?

If there’s a particular dress you keep coming back in the shop to try, there’s a big chance it’s the one, especially if it meets all of your preferences: it suits your wedding theme, it only needs a little alteration, it’s priced within your budget, you feel comfortable and confident in it, and best of all, it makes you look like a queen. If you find yourself tearing up as you look at yourself in the mirror (and those in the shop might be fighting back tears as well), then you know you’ve found The Dress! Now go on and get married!

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  1. That second gown is absolutely stunning!

  2. egh I hate being the centre of attention. I was a nervous wreck at my daughters christening standing and talking in front of the whole church, and I know I will also be very nervous on my wedding day. I hope that by having a smaller wedding it might help things :)

  3. I think once you put this perfect one on, you just know

  4. There are some beautiful gowns on here and great tips for brides to be.

  5. Since a child I have dreamt about my wedding, the dress I wear is one of the most important factors and I know exactly the style, colour and details I want. Lovely post with lovely pictures as always :)


  6. Wow. I love both the dresses they are gorgeous and the foot jewellery is stunning

  7. Lovely post. I thought I'd be looking for ages but in the end I only went to one shop and fell for a dress almost immediately! Wedding dress shopping is so much fun :)

  8. I ordered my new dress for my daughter's birthday, its came on time. Fits perfect and dress looks exactly like the picture, maybe even better. Everybody gave me good compliments.


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