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So it's been a while since we have done a Boys Club post from Johns point of view and now that we are more settled in our new house it's somethings we are going to be adding to the weekly posts again and John has some great ideas, so watch this space. For now though I thought it would be nice to just have a quick little update on what John has been's been up to, what he has been wearing and whose hair he has been styling of late.

John and Mr A on there way to London in there shirts

Johns most recent purchases are his Post Overalls Jacket and Grenson brogues as well as the Vera boots  he won in an instagram comp just before Christmas. He describes his look at Dad style and I love seeing the two boys together and it can be easy to forget how even when I think my days are very long John comes straight from home after an even longer day at work and or spends all his free time with Mr A, they are so funny together.

Vera boots
John 1. Veras, Engineered Garments and Albam Jeans 2. Quoddy shoes, Ralph Lauren and Albams

For those who don't know John is a traditional Barber working at Bentley & Co in Cardiff city centre, it's a real gentleman's retreat so if you or your partner are looking for a new style, beard trim of cut-throat shave pop in.

Some of Johns recent cuts


  1. interesting blog. !

  2. Get you two travelling in First Class!! Far too pampered :P

  3. Almost matching shirts.. how cute!
    Your 2 "boys" look lovely

  4. aw how fab love this its adorable x


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