Puffin Rock is coming to the UK


When it comes to screen time we are pretty particular about what Mr A watches, we like to keep things age appropriate and preferably educational or with some life lessons, as well as anything that may inspire creativity or friendship. I think by vetting everything first we can view screen time as a positive thing rather than a negative so we are always excited when we hear about a show that fits our ethos and can't wait to watch the first episode of Puffin Rock coming to Nick Jr this Monday at 6:30pm

Puffin Rock is an Irish animation all about a Puffin called Oona who is learning about the world around her while going on adventures on the wild and rugged island she lives on with her little brother and three friends, Children are encouraged to learn and reflect through Oona's own explorations in this beautiful crafted animation with its gentle and soft tones and educational values that make it perfect for the bedtime slot.

It's really lovely seeing a nature based cartoon that is about friendship, family and learning and we can't wait to watch the first episode. What was your favourite cartoon when you were a child?

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  1. This looks like such a sweet cartoon that teaches good values to children.

  2. Oo sounds good will have to see if my little ones fancy watching this too

  3. I love Puffins and I can't think of a children's show featuring a puffin, so this is totally necessary in my opinion!

  4. What cute animation. I haven't heard of this show before but I can see how it would appeal to young kids. it's great that it has a message too.


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