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In the past five years we have moved three times, huge renovations were done on our first house with everything being ripped out, walls taken down, extensions put on, floors repaired, the whole works, we then went on to sell that house for a decent profit before moving into a rented cottage for a year while we planned our next move. We then came across our current home which we purchased partially as a stop gap but also as a mini project as it needed work but not a full renovation. We now hope to take this property to market this year and perhaps move onto a more long-term project. To say it's been easy would be a lie, moving is stressful and with small children even more so but we believe it's going to be worth it in the longterm and eventually we will find a house to fall in love with, a place that we can really call home.

Kitchen love

One of the things that attracted us to our current property was the fairly large garden and the fact that the only room in the house that was finished was the kitchen which had recently been fitted out by Wren. As some of you may know fitting a new kitchen can be pretty expensive and as we bought this with the view to sell on it meant one expense we didn't have to worry about. Wren Kitchens have in fact recently brought out a survey about renovating properties, highlighting some interesting finds such as only 20.47% are very content with the way their homes are decorated and furnished and that 51% of our do our own decorating while 27% hire someone, while the living room came out on tops of the place we feel happiest in the home.

Denim couch

I know personally both of us are waiting for our next house to design and decorate to a more personal level while with this one we are only do the work that needs to be done and I cannot wait in a way to sell and move on and have been dreaming of a more simple, minimalist and Scandi style for our next home and have put together a little wishlist of things that have caught my eye this week

Interior wants

Pink light, £960 / Linen tea towel £7.50 / Sea grass basket, £56 / Lemnos black clock, £96 / Muuto chair, £200

You can hear even more about the Wrenovation Survey over on their YouTube Channel

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  1. Wow you have moved a lot in three years. You must enjoy the renovation aspect of doing up a house. I am loving the light and the white chair, very stylish. I am actually after a new kitchen so going to have a look at Wren kitchens now.

  2. Such a fantastic idea you have of slowly and continually making profit so that you can afford to buy 'the one'. I love the light that's seriously funky!

  3. Oh goodness, our house was a bit of a dump when we bought it. We spent the first 5 years overhauling every room and once finished we vowed never to do it again! Having work done, especially the kitchen, is hellishly stressful. I love the interior of your current home. And I'm totally loving that Muuto chair! Tx

  4. Ooh, I actually really like the black clock! I wouldn't have said it would be my thing but I love the numbers!

  5. Love the wordplay/pun in the title ;) there was an episode of Modern Family about 'flipping houses' which I think is a term for buying a house, doing it up then selling it on for profit. You might enjoy that episode, it's called 'Flip Flop' if you want to check it out! x

    Stephanie | ouistephanie.com

  6. Smart to do it the way you guys are doing it, even if it is tough. I'm certain it will all be worth it in the end!!

  7. Can personally vouch for the Wrenovation survey! ;-) Lovely picks too xx

  8. Your home is positively minimalist compared to the madness that is ours! Here's hoping that your next move goes smoothly.


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