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Bath City Break - Part 1

If you follow us on instagram you might already know we recently jumped on board a First Great Western from Cardiff on a family city break adventure to the historical city of Bath. We love a good train trip and its easy to forget how accessible Bath and Bristol is from Cardiff and it was really refreshing not taking the car and instead enjoy watching the countryside fly by from the comfort of a table seat. We have been to Bath a few times but mainly day trips so we had a few things planned, including visiting the Roman Baths, museums and taking a boat trip on the river Avon.

Mosaic floor

We arrived just after lunchtime and once we found our hotel the Premier Inn Bath City Centre which was walkable from the train station we headed out to explore, first stop however was a cup of coffee and some homemade pastries from Society Cafe, a lovely independent coffee shop and the perfect way to start our holiday. Once we had filled up we made our way over to The Roman Baths, Mr A was particularly excited to see what it was all about and I cannot recommend this place more, it's totally worth the money and it was both inspiring and educational to walk around the Roman Bath ruins and think back to how luxurious it must of been.

family travel
Mr A taking the Roman Baths in.

We spent a few good hours there and I never realised how big it was and how much of it you can explore, with the ancient changing rooms, indoor baths, mosaic floor and being able to taste the water at the end we all found it very fascinating. As the evening was still young we decided to have a lovely stroll along the river Avon taking in the sights of the beautiful Abbey before heading back to the hotel for some much needed super. We decided to let Mr A pick where we ate on the first night and whenever we travel he tends to be a bit of a homebody for the hotel and wanted to eat at Thyme restaurant where I enjoyed a lovely leek & potato soup while they boys had veggie packed pizzas - I mean were on holiday after all.

family room

With full tummies we headed up to our family room which was really comfortable and spacious, we settling down and had a pretty early night as we had a lot planned for day two, including a little trip down to Bathgate on a boat which I cannot wait to share with you in our next instalment of Being A Great Westerner.

Thanks to First Great Western for inviting us to explore Bath



  1. Looks like you had a nice time. Bath is a good day out and not far away either. Nice choice of shops too x

  2. I adore Bath and would love to take the kids there. The hubby thinks there may not be enough for them to do but I reckon just the train ride would be exciting. Looking forward to the next instalment. Did you taste the spa water? It's an acquired taste!

  3. I've never been to Bath but it's definitely on my bucket list now - thanks for sharing x

  4. This looks so amazing, looks like such a pretty place to visit and as usual your son looks adorable! x

  5. I can't believe we haven't been into the Roman baths yet even thought we go there quite regularly. Sounds like you had lots of fun exploring the city and can't wait to read more. X

  6. So beautiful! I've never spent any time in Bath - it's quite a way away from us but doable for a short break!

  7. what an amazing trip and beautiful experience.... Happy Saturday Sharefest

  8. Bath is always somewhere i have wanted to visit, i can not wait to see what else you got up to x

  9. I like going to Bath - we go there every year with a whole load of friends for a baby free bash. Still yet to actually go round the baths, although we've eaten at the Pump Rooms and been to the spa :)

  10. I love Bath - I lived in Bristol for a year, and used to pop down occasionally, and have been back a couple of times since. I really should remember how easy it is to get to from London as well. Great to see how family-friendly the baths themselves are, it seems a long time since I went in (and tried the eggy water!) #citytripping

  11. Great timing as the boys and I have just got back from a lovely day in Bath exploring the museums and eating lots of cake. I totally agree about the brilliance of the Roman Baths - we were there a good two hours and it was absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sharing on #citytripping

  12. "Just" came back from Bath as well :)


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