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Most homeowners who have a garden usually have a shed and one would probably assume that it was for storing tools or garden equipment and you would more than likely be right. Storage sheds in a person's backyard are notoriously used for these things and quickly become cluttered with stuff that rarely sees the light of day. However, these little structures can be so cute that it is a shame that they are not used for more creative things, you could even You can add a cute sliding barn door that can make it useful for just about anything. The backyard sheds have so much potential instead of just being an extension of the home for storage clutter.

It is all about waving goodbye to unused and unwanted clutter and instead of making spaces useful and practical so here are just a few different ways in which you can use storage sheds. Sheds come in all shapes and sizes as well as designs, some really impressive and if you are looking for a little inspiration do check out Sheds for sale.

Mini movie theatre

All you need for this fun idea is a projector that projects a motion picture in high definition, and a large blank screen. This will turn your shed into such a fun experience that you will never need to pay a bunch of money to go to the movie theatres again. Take it to the next level and add in some comfy seats or a sofa, a popcorn maker, and low lights. This will give you the perfect ambience for a great movie and a fun time together at the same time.

The perfect playhouse

Sheds are sturdy in their structure, but they can be cute as well. With a fun coat of paint in a colour like pink, white, baby blue, etc., and adding on a porch, railing shutters, and curtains, you can turn your small tool shed into a playroom that every little princess dreams of.

garden playhouse

The most comfortable dog house

Your dog is part of your family and, as such, should be treated to all the same comforts that the rest of the family gets to enjoy on a daily basis. You can pamper your pooch by getting a small shed and turning it into a spacious accommodation. It will not only be stylish and look nice in your back yard, but it will give your furry friend a safe and comfortable place to perch in. Add on a screen that will keep the elements out and not allow bugs to go in during the summer months. Then put in a bed, insulation around it, and add in some fun toys and blankets. This will give your pooch a place to go that will keep him cool and safe from bugs in the summer and warm in the cold months when they need to be outside.

A cute little greenhouse

Sheds can be used to keep your pots and shovels. They are even a great place to store your seeds or unplanted plants. However, your simple potting shed can be taken to the next level and turned into a greenhouse so that you can grow your favourite plants at any time of the year. All you need to do is take out the roof that it comes with and replace it with glass. Your side panes will also need to be taken out and replaced with fibreglass or polycarbonate sheets. Most people choose to do the entire shed while others choose to do only a portion, depending on how large or small you are wanting your garden to be. This will let in enough light and warmth so that plants can grow all year long.

A backyard bar

On a nice spring or summer night, one of the most fun things to do is have friends and family over for drinks and food. You love enjoying the fresh air outside and being together under a blanket of stars, but trying to go in and out of the house for drink refills can be a hassle. Instead, turn your backyard shed into a type of bar by stocking it fully with your drinks of choice so that your refills are right there at your fingertips. You can even bring up a few stools and create a saloon-type atmosphere right there in the middle of your backyard.

backyard bar

Your shed or barn in the back yard does not have to be just a plain shed. There are so many fun things that you can do with your shed. All you have to do is get creative and have fun with it! Do read this post from the Telegraph for more ideas on how to reinvent your shed. 


  1. You know I'm going to be talking my husband into one of these, love it :)

  2. Laura Sidestreet love this post, already discussing ideas, well I'm telling him what I'd like 😂

  3. Fantastic ideas, our current shed needs replacing so I'm hoping that an new one will be home to more than just the bikes and scooters

  4. My friend has built a bar in hers, it was great fun over Christmas

  5. Fab ideas here. I like the playhouse idea a lot.


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