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Cardiff canvas

I have to be honest here and say, being an expat, that Cardiff did not initially do it for me, it's not a visually beautiful city like Edinburgh or Bristol, it doesn't have the northern quarter like Manchester or the rural charm of Truro and of course, is minuscule in comparison to London but over the past few years it has really grown on me with it's imposing castle, beautiful Bute Park and friendly locals.

Cardiff travel

It's started to see a real revolution in terms of food and fashion with pop-up stores, festivals and markets happening every weekend, along with music and theatre shows. The city centre has also really expanded it's reach with new developments being built all the time as well as investment going into previously overlooked parts. It feels like a rather exciting time, a time of movement and opportunity and right now we are really enjoying the city so when Wallpapered got in touch and told us about their custom postcode wallpaper or canvas map art we thought why not celebrate the place you live in the home. Once ordered the canvas arrived really quickly and we love it, its something a bit different and looks great on our wall.

As always we have spent the past few weekends in and around the city and tried out a new Coffeeshop and Wine Bar - Artigiano, which does a great flat white as well as has very patient staff who witnessed a rather big meltdown on Mr A's behalf, which was quickly diffused when one of the Baristas let him play with his mini deck skateboard.

hipster coffeeshop

We also decided to check out the Street Food Warehouse pop-up happening just off Westgate street and offered up a selection of food trucks and stalls, chairs and tables made out of pallets, interesting topical inspired cocktails and live music - which Mr A loved and danced too for pretty much the whole time we were there. Cardiff may not be the biggest city but there is always something new happening and if on the odd occasion there isn't there are some wonderful parks to spend your time in and we really do feel lucky to also be so close to the coast as well as the beautiful Brecon mountains.

tropical cocktail

street food

We were kindly gifted a canvas to review 


  1. I'm falling more and more in love with Wales and all the outdoor activities to do there. It's good to know that Cardiff is worth a stop-off.

  2. I've been to Wales a few times and always had a nice time, though I haven't been to the south. The cavas is a sweet idea.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. I LOVE that picture of your husband and littlest boy. It's like a painting!

  4. I've not been to Wales for years. Each time I see something about it on the web, it makes me want to go again. It looks full of hidden foodies gems that I would adore! That coffee shop looks lovely too!

  5. Ooo, i'd love a London or Bath canvas like that & the Street food place looks great!

  6. That canvas is amazing. Also love your photos - they are so incredible. Need to come back to Wales, I love it - it is so beautiful!

  7. I love Cardiff! A good friend of mine lives there and I always love to visit.


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