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I am really happy that the trainer trend and sporty style seems to be sticking around for a while as it's not both stylish but also very comfortable and perfect for when your spending a whole day running around a city centre or city park. The great thing about sportswear is that in generally they are very well made and robust which means they can last season after season and you can also mix and match trainers with more formal dress which was seen at London Fashion Week this year as well as popping up a lot in Street Style.

Mixing up trainers and designer fashion (image)

The thing about sportswear is that is doesn't come cheap, although like I said as long as you go for better brands they should last a couple of seasons, although saying that there are still bargains to be found and I have recently come across a site called Stylzz which allows you to search hundreds of brands and then does a online price comparison and finds the best deal for that particular garment, which means possible savings up to 70% - win! I cam across this layered summer dress I have my eye on from Adidas.

I always find spring and summer the perfect time to update your fashion wardrobe and bring in some new styles and colour and the main thing to remember is always to have fun and wear what makes you feel good and what you are comfortable in. I don't know about you but I am really excited about spending time on the beach, in the sunshine in loose dresses and tops and enjoying the warmer season. I am also hoping to be more active this summer, especially after having the baby and wanting to get my fitness levels back up and purchasing some nice new trainers such as the Adidas boost's below or sports design dresses and tops may also inspire me to get moving, well thats the plan anyway.

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  1. I love this look too and I'm rather taken with the dress and Adidas trainers. Great post and very cool blog!


  2. I am so happy trainers are still in, I think they look amazing mixed with a more formal outfit plus I wear them all the time so anything that makes me appear more stylish with minimal effort is amazing. That adidas dress is lovely, I've been surprised by the "sport" brands clothing lately, most of it is pretty wearable.

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  3. Thanks For Sharing...


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