Inspired outdoor fun with Puffin Rock


Mr A at Roath Park this week

If you follow the blog you probably already know we are huge fans of the outdoors, in fact it's our happy place, pond dipping, looking for bugs, learning the names of trees and plants and basically running around and having fun. We limit screen time during the day to allow for a more natural start and so we don't get sidetracked, once we come home and I need to start cooking supper thats when Mr A gets to have some down time and a few selected gentle shows such as the recently launched Puffin Rock, in fact I did a post about it last week and it fits our outdoor loving ethos perfectly as it's about a Puffin Oona and her brother Otto who love discovering everything about the island they live on and encourages children to go out and do that same.

So this week we have had a few mini adventures including a forest walk up the mountain and a wonderful stroll around Roath Park which is such an interesting place this time of the year with some many flowers in bloom, Swans nesting and Dandelions to blow. It's also a big enough space to spend a few good hours there and we took a picnic along with us which we enjoyed on the grass. There are also some great trees to climb, they are a bit lower making them perfect for Mr A to get onto. We managed to find a few leaves and pinecones to add to our nature table at home.

We support anything that makes exploring the outdoors fun and exciting to young children as it's something that as a family we believe is not only good for your physical wellbeing but also your mental one. Saying that we do also practise moderation in our house which extends to screen-time, food, education etc and as long as we have had a productive day Mr A can enjoy some cartoons , animal documentaries or fun apps in the afternoon and we really love the soft nature of Puffin Rock especially as I know it won't be long before Mr A wants to move onto other more "grown-up" shows.

Check out the cute trailer above and you can also print out this fun colouring sheet for your little people to enjoy getting creative with.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. It looks such a beautiful place, with plenty of things to explore.


  2. I have to amint I would love a forest walk up the mountain ... this is my ideal way to relax and unwind

  3. Going out to explore is what we love to do as well! Love your photos and thanks for sharing this tv series. #countrykids

  4. Wowee! looks like a great place to climb! Love your dad's epic beard as well on the blog! #CountryKIds

  5. I love the idea of Puffin Rock, it sounds rather like Wildlife Jack we have here at Coombe Mill, programmes like this that encourage outdoor play and imagination are just wonderful. Lovely photos of your boy as always, he is such a cool outdoor dude! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.


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