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You may have noticed over the past few years that I have a thing for floors, beautiful floors, I mean why wouldn't I, they make up so much of ones home and just as we decorate our walls with Art, family photos and prints we equally need to invest in something that feels good under foot. You really cannot underestimate the impact flooring has on a room and really does add a true dimension of style to any space.

This years trends is all about that fresh and minimal Scandi look, out is dreary carpet and over the top out-dated patterns and in is stylish painted floorboards, large slate tiles or smooth vinyl finishes that can be dressed up with a rustic handwoven rug. You aim should be to make your rooms feel as light, airy and spacious as possible and as I always say less is more so try and keep clutter to a minimal and bring in either earthy tones or whitewashed hues.

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Personally I love wooden flooring as there is something truly beautiful about the imperfections of wood but as many will know this is not always a viable option as not all homes have floor boards suitable or in good enough condition to be sanded back, while a lot of flats and new builds have concrete floors, but that doesn't mean you can't create a very realistic wood flooring style look in your home by using high quality laminate from well established companies such as Carpetright. Our own kitchen extension has wooden style laminate, which was laid down by the previous owners and suits the space very well and at first glance you really wouldn't know it's not real wood. It's also very easy to maintain which is what you want when you have two young kids making a mess in the kitchen.


We can often overlook flooring but do this at your peril as beautiful floors truly bring the room together. If there is anytime to make changes to your home it's now, as they say a good spring clean can do wonders for the soul and saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new by freshening up your interior spaces is a great way to welcome the summer. 

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  1. I love the Scandi look and feel to any part of the home. I also love a nice rug on the floor.

    1. I also love the Scandi look - my favourite trend at the moment

  2. I love the Scandi look and feel to any part of the home. Also love a nice rug on my floor.


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