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It finally feels like winter has truly moved on and we are almost touching on summer and to be completely honest our garden is looking a little sorry for itself and really needs an injection of design, so I thought it was time to put together a little mood board and wish list...

1. Garden white ceramic stool 
2. Potting shed garden in a Pail - Lavender
3. Garden trading beach chair  
4. Lene Bjerre Affair Hammock
5. Gardman Copper & Cream watering can 

I especially love the watering can - never thought a watering can could be so chic. This time of the year is always exciting as we start to get back into gardening and making it a special place we want to spend time in. Do you have any plans to change or update your outside space?


  1. Some lovely items, I especially love the deck chair!
    Spencer plans to make changes to the garden every year, his most recent one has been planting a fern into our old toilet which I hate. If he had used pretty flowers it may look nice, but an ugly plant in an ugly toilet isn't working for me!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  2. Beautiful items here! I have big plans to redo our outdoor space. We've had major renovation work done on the house and our garden has been completely destroyed. Have to start from scratch once the scaffolding is gone...

  3. Really lovely items, especially the water can, very chic x

  4. Ooh I absolutely love that watering can. I want one for my own garden! Our garden is also looking a little tired. I just need more time to get out there and sort it out!


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