Why your home needs wood flooring


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As, quite possibly, your biggest asset, investing in your home is usually a smart move. So freshen up your living space and add value to your property.

Change things up by installing wood flooring and give your home a classic and expensive. Then simply reap the benefits wood flooring will bring to your home if you ever want to sell. It will be well worth it!

What type?

There are so many wood flooring options available it’s hard to know where to start. Choose either solid wood or try engineered wood flooring, which is composed of two or more layers of wood to form a plank.

Some practical concerns to think of first would be issues such as humidity levels and the condition of your subfloor. This is because solid wood is likely to expand and contract as humidity or temperature levels change. So if your home experiences humidity changes or you have underfloor heating fitted, then engineered wood flooring could be a better choice for you.

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What style?

Light or dark wood, modern or traditional? What’s your home’s style? Darker woods, such as a rich mahogany or walnut look great in larger rooms and add luxury and warmth. So give your room a little TLC.

Small rooms can look bright and fresh too. Lighter wood such as oak or ash can achieve this. Use lighter shades as an excellent contrast to a bolder wall colour.


Existing wood

If you already have wood flooring, then you’ll know how great it can be when it’s looking its best. Revitalizing wooden floors can make a huge different and have a massive impact on your home. Both solid wood and engineered wood floors can withstand being sanded a number of times then after sanding you can recoat the wood. This allows you to rejuvenate your existing floor while also saving you money.

Wooden floors can cause problems though, whether this is noise levels or moisture issues. Underlay is the answer to this. Underlay is fitted beneath your flooring and provides many benefits from protection to comfort. It’s definitely worth investing in.

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A good quality underlay provides a solid base on which to lay your new flooring. It can level out uneven surfaces providing a smooth subfloor for floor covering, protect your room against rising moisture and can really help you reduce noise levels. Basically it’s an added extra for your house that enhances your wooden flooring and creates a home that is cosy, comfortable and practical.

Revitalise your wooden flooring and keep your flooring looking its best. Use our tips to get your home looking revamped and rejuvenated with great wooden flooring and feeling cosy and comfortable with great underlay to match.

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  1. I have always loved wood flooring but somehow for the kitchen only and the rest I like carpeted. Great post

  2. We have wooden flooring in our house and I love it. I think it's just so natural and looks great with our white walls.

  3. I can't wait to sort out the flooring in our house, we'll definitely be laying down wood to replace the mile-thick carpet in the living room and laminate in the hallway, can't wait! This is a great post, gives me lots to think about x

  4. Thanks for the suggestions on what type of wood flooring works for different rooms. I didn't know that mahogany or walnut floors look great in larger rooms. I have a big living room that I was thinking of replacing the flooring in, so I think that a dark mahogany wood is a really good option. Thanks for your suggestions! http://www.nywoodfloors.com/Laminate-Flooring-Brooklyn-NY.html

  5. The floors look awesome. I have seen Reclaimed Oak Floorboards and will be installing soon. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

  6. Thanks for sharing great ideas about wood flooring......


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