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Amsterdam cafe

As some of you may already know at the end of the last year we had an amazing city break in Amsterdam, one of our favourite cities in Europe. As with any trip we took lots of photos and as normal when we returned I did some basic editing through lightroom, as well as posting a few on instagram. Such is life now that we all use some kind of editing wether it be filters, sharpening, levels etc so when I came across the really interesting #NoFilter project run by London City Airport I was keen to be involved. The aim of the project is to get back to the roots of photography and celebrating the fact that photos don't need to be edited heavily with apps such as instagram to show how beautiful the city is.

I have been asked to share up to five unedited photos of our trip - all of these are straight off my memory card with absolutely no editing not even cropping and I think they still managed to capture this colourful and exciting city.

Here are a few tips for capturing great photos without relying on post production editing

1. Learn how to use your equipment wether it be an SLR, compact or even just a camera phone. Get acquainted with the settings to get the best out of it.

2. Set your camera to the highest resolution - especially if it's a new camera, it an easy oversight to make and only takes a few seconds to change.

3. Look for unusual, colourful and interesting subject matter.

4. Have a basic understanding of light and how it affects your photos and it's also useful having some knowledge of ISO and shutter speed so you won't be caught out when it comes to action shots and shooting in low light.

5. Try different angles and get creative - the main thing is to have fun

Amsterdam is the 6th city the #NoFilter project has focused on and they have had some amazing results in the other five - Switzerland, Dublin, Milan, Madrid and Geneva - why not check them out.


  1. Gorgeous pictures - I love that one outside the cafe!

  2. Lovely photos - I also love the one outside the cafe! Makes me want to go there now. Right away!

  3. These pictures look fantastic! I especially love the light on the water in the last one.

  4. What a great idea! I often find that the photos that require the least amount of editing, just a slight tweak in the curves, or nothing at all, are my favourite. Love that photo of the little shop, definitely doesn't need any editing!

  5. Really great tips...I need to start experimenting more at the time of taking snaps rather than stressing with the shots during editing. You've captured some great shots of a beautiful city xx

  6. Your pix are always fab, edited or not. Still looks like a fab trip to me xx


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