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The tiny home revolution

tiny home movement
How beautiful is this tiny home (image)

Ever since I was young I have been attracted to small quirky spaces, I always wanted the small room and have a real appreciating of creative storage and use of limited space. As you can imagine I am totally enthralled by The Tiny house movement in which people are downsizing to small custom made homes that aims to simplify your life as well as being more economical to run.

mortgage free home
A DIY mortgage free tiny house - love it (image)

Deep down I love the simple things in life and I believe that a bigger home simply means more space for more stuff, more stuff you don't actually need. My dream would be to buy a small plot of land and build one of these tiny house, detached with a little garden and just enough space to be comfortable but without anything unnecessary.

tiny home
I love the creative use of space (image)


  1. These are really lovely. I've also loved the idea of de-cluttering my life by living in a small space x

  2. I saw a trailer for a new TV programme about the tiny house movement yesterday. It's amazing with clever storage and design how much you can get into a small space.

  3. Great post. I always like smaller places too. To me smaller always feels more cozy x

  4. Such a sweet home and they have used the space so well.

  5. Quite small, but cozy and a great way to utilise the little space given!

  6. Lovely. I wouldn't mind something like this in the garden (if I were rich) ;)

  7. I do quite like the idea of a little minimal space of calm for myself some times!

  8. I love all these! I also have a thing about small spaces, I'm desperate to pack up a mini house and travel around Europe / America in it! x

  9. I've been reading about the Tiny House Movement for a while now - there was a documentary on More4 a week or so ago that I'm waiting to watch on catch up. I love the idea of only having the things you absolutely, really need!

  10. I love this! Although I'm struggling to make space in our flat at the moment so I know I'd never fit into one of these very gorgeous tiny homes. xx

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  12. Really stunning architect or design. It's really very complex to design such tiny home in a small space. Great job. Have you any idea to use this tiny home as a tiny quality trailer on road? I saw some similar trailer on highway. Thanks for sharing this post.

  13. Thanks very interesting blog!


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