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I love this simply style (image)

 It's one of those things we all need and use every day, it holds a lot about what we say about ourselves, what we wear, memories and is so much more than just a piece of furniture and yet so many of us are happy with ill fitted wardrobes or ones that are not practical or simply do not reflect you as a person and I am speaking from personal experience here. We have a large cumbersome wardrobe in pine (urgh) which is going to be having a huge overhaul this summer (getting out the sand paper and beautiful chalk paints), the thing is it's locally made so it's worth upgrading it but if I could start over again I would be tempted to go for something a little bit more custom

chic wardrobe

When it comes to redesigning your wardrobe space keep a few things in mind

1. Keep it simple and go from there, the Scandinavians do this perfectly and you can always add as you go along

2. Work with what you have within the space you have, if you have a really awkward space consider a made to measure storage solution that way you will get what you really want, need and that is practical. Urban Wardrobes do some amazing custom fit wardrobes and if we ever decided to convert our attic we will be using them as they have some super savvy ideas of rooms in the eves.

3. Be design savvy as there are some great space saving storage ideas out there

4. Don't be afraid to try something new

5. Whether you decide to buy something new or up cycle a vintage or thrifted piece of furniture always go with quality over quantity

walk in wardrobe

I have to admit that John actually has a larger wardrobe than I do and I think our dream would be to have a walk in space that could fit both of our needs, I mean how amazing would that be, and why not dream I say, I am also starting to find "open" wardrobes very interesting at the moment but I would really need to declutter my life for that to work, although with sliding doors you can have the best of both worlds

sliding doors

 In association with Urban Wardrobes 


  1. Oh I want the whole room in that 3rd picture! Amazing!!

  2. I need to have a HUGE sort out of all my clothes, and one of the reasons is storage space in our new house. I love the idea of an open wardrobe too, but again if it's not super clean and tidy it would really annoy me, and I do love a good door to shut and hide everything behind! Some great ideas though, thanks!

  3. Love the first one, would be great to turn a spare room into a walk in wardrobe x

  4. ugh i hate, hate hate my wardrobe! but it was here when we moved in and the landlord doesn't want us to get rid so unfortunately it has to stay. i'd love a simple and spacious white wardrobe, or a fancy ornate old one like my dad used to have.

  5. def not decluttered enough for an open wardrobe! Lucky that I have a {small} walk in wardrobe off my bedroom - though it's generally piled full of junk too!

  6. I'm loving the pictures, I'm all for simple and modern, completely my taste!

    Much love xxx

  7. walk in wardrobe would be amazing. at the moment my wardrobe seems to have been designed for someone a foot taller (and I'm 5'8" so not exactly short) which is most frustrating!

  8. couldn't agree more and love your choices. The wardrobe in our bedroom at the moment is the most stupid I have ever come across. It doesn't have doors all the way across - it has some really annoying sheets hung up flapping across half of it AND the rail is so close to the top that you can barely get a coat hanger in there! It is so annoying! Stupid renting! When i'm a big girl I am going to have a huge wardrobe with lots of space that I will aim to not overfill!

  9. I'd love a walk in wardrobe too! x

  10. My favourite room is bedroom :) DUring last 5 years I have changed several homes and always bedroom was the most important! I have used many solutions for saving space, as have many dresses, walk-in-wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, just shelves and others. I like the oldschool style, rusty one, that is a great walk in solution for me :D

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