Fashionable Drivers: All You Need to Know to drive in style


Me looking rather tanned after spending a summer in Cornwall

How exactly does one become a fashionable driver? Do you think you automatically become one after buying a fast, expensive car? Do you have to match your bags and suitcases with your customised leather seats? Or do you have to be a great driver who knows all the latest motoring trends?

It is truly an improvement for the world to have replaced the term ‘geek drivers’ with fashionable drivers. I guess geek drivers did not make enough of an impression previously to become the envy of the road, but the term fashionable drivers is now making waves in and around the industry. These F1 drivers sure know how to match their driving skills with their sense of style. You won’t ever be able to emulate a professional race driver in the cool stakes, but you can become a fashionable driver in your own right. Here are a few suggestions as to how to become the envy of the road.

road trip

Know the road and follow the rules

You might get the attention of most people by sporting the coolest car in town but that high rating could instantly drop if you can’t stop breaking road rules. Know the road rules by heart and practice them in real life – practicing your knowledge on Top Tests is a great way to stay informed.

Get a good-looking road machine

By this, we do not in any way mean that you go and get a monster car and play mean games. What we do mean is to go and do your research on the best-looking vehicles regardless of model. In fact, vintage but perfectly working vehicles now pose more appeal. This is most effective if you are the only one in town sporting that vehicle while everyone else is driving the latest model of some sports car.

vintage mini
Me and my Mini a few years ago

Have customised seats

Just because you already have the latest model does not necessarily mean you are already a fashionable driver. You might be surprised of how many people are driving the same car as yours. So, how do you suppose can you stand out amongst them? Check out the designs of the famous Oleg Cassini in the 1970s, Gucci, and Versace. If you are more of the modern and rugged kind of person, check out Levi’s or Nautica.

Opt for useful gadgets

There is a sudden increase in the availability of modern in-car technology lately that might get you spending more than you plan to. Our tip here is to choose the ones that are truly helpful and fits your way of driving and lifestyle. Choosing all of them just to show the world that you are cool is not so cool especially when people starts to notice that you have no inkling of how those things work!

Vintage cars
Enjoying the Morris Minor show last year

Play your role

Your choice of vehicle somehow depicts your personality and lifestyle. Do not be scared of today’s society or what people may say. It is and will always be about you. If you want to be a fashionable driver, you have to stand beside your beliefs and preferences no matter how odd or out of the ordinary it is.

Just remember – as well as looking good on the road, be safe on it too. There’s nothing more fashionable than being a careful and considerate motorist.

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  1. How tanned are you in that photo! hehe! Loving flossy though!
    Two Hearts One Roof

    1. Haha I know right - spent most of the summer outdoors so went really brown

      Laura x

  2. I soooo love flossie. What a super cool car.

    1. Thanks so much - I really miss her, I wish I had kept her forever

      Laura x

  3. Love the fashionable glasses x


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