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summer style

When I think of summer I think of road trips, I mean what could be better than jumping into a car and driving into the unknown, meeting new people seeing new places and enjoying the outdoors and life on the road. Both John and I dream of a big American and Canadian road trip - like a lot of people, it would truly be inspiring and the Round the World experts have some really inspiring trips, following on from that inspiration I thought I would put together a little summer road trip outfit, full of comfortable favourites and my short and tee have actually seen a few road trips of there own already.

What I am wear

Hat - H&M
Tee - thrifted
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply (Birthday present)
Shorts - Next
Sandals - Holster

festival fashion

Do you have any road trips or holidays planned? We have a few festivals, camping and a little European break this year, if all goes to plan that is. Bring on summer I say

summer style

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  1. Road tripping is my favourite! I've been on a few already this Summer. There's so many great places in the UK that can be visited on just a full tank of petrol and a little tent in the boot. The best kind of adventures are the ones that are unplanned too!

  2. we have no trips or holidays planned. never do really and certainly not this year as the boyfriend may be out of a job and he's currently the only one earning for the both of us. if finances improve i'd love to go to portmeirion, bath, or even just pop over to bristol.

  3. can't wait for summer and some road tripping! we've a festival or two lined up, a trip to my sisters, centre parcs and probably a couple of camping trips closer by :) can't wait!

  4. Cute and comfy look! I'm ready to take a road trip to New Orleans. :-)


  5. We've been dreaming of road trips with all this nice weather. It makes me dread the winter though and we start planning to go and live in california / australia / anywhere with nicer all year round weather. We are off to Wales next month for a holiday and then to the south of france later in the year, I can't wait! x

  6. That cardigan is amazing! And I'll totally join you on that road trip around America, a big someday place for us too!

  7. This outfit is so casual yet so chic, your style is great and I love that cardigan :)

    Fiona @

  8. I would love a road trip around America....
    Great outfit.....I love the hat!

  9. Ahhh, a road trip! One day! You look fab, and definitely fit the bill. Thanks for linking x

  10. I dream about that American road trip look so cool, don't think I could pull off that look so casually, love the cardi x

  11. I love this look, especially the hat :) x


  12. I'm looking to plan a road trip in July and weekend away next month eeeek better get busy Love those sandals x


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