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new balance
Mr A wears New Balance trainers, Mini Club jeans and a Field Life cardigan 

So Mr A is very much into what he called "running shoes" at the moment and brighter the colour the better! Both John and I have been eyeing out some New Balance for ourselves lately and came across their kids range which is too cute, well anything that is basically a miniature of adults shoes in our minds is cute. With our Brussels trip and Mr A having gone up a shoe size lately we thought it would be a great time to buy some comfy trainers for a city trip which would involve a lot go walking. We did try to keep Mr A from wearing these until the trip but as soon as he saw them it was love at first sight and they have hardly left his feet since

John wears - Ebbets Field Flannels cap, Post Overalls Jacket, Universal Works shirt and Edwin Jeans

Big beard

John also purchased himself a pre-travel accessory in the form of a Ebbets field flannels cap, a company that specialised in vintage authentic and goes perfectly with his Post Overall Jacket and ever-growing beard. Mr A also loves his cap and keeps taking it to wear.

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  1. Love the bright colours! Danny would love them. My kids have shot up in height and shoe size since the Easter it the Sun? Wish they could have waited one more term before needing new shoes! :-) x

  2. Love his new shoes, he looks very smart :)

  3. I LOVE the window pose! Mr A you are working it! cute as ever x

  4. i've never really been a fan of trainers, but for some reason i've always liked new balance (this particular model anyway) and i love these orange ones!


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